Cowboys Sack Saints Hopes For Perfection

Steve O Speak

Last night the Dallas Cowboys came to play, and despite the best efforts of Nick Folk Drew Brees the Saints could not stay undefeated. It was a game that was huge for both teams, not only was the Saints drive for perfection on the line, but the Cowboys needed a win to stay atop the playoff picture. The Cowboys deserve a ton of credit for the way they played that game last night.

The Saints have had some close calls this season, but no team has taken it to them like the Cowboys did last night. Dallas was hitting on all cylinders. On offense Tony Romo played one of his best games all season, and the offensive line gave him pretty good protection. The Dallas ground game contributed 145 yards and two touchdowns, picking up some tough first downs along the way. The best part about the Dallas offense was the fact they were able to hold on to the ball (over 36 minutes), and keep Drew Brees off the field. When Brees did have the ball the Cowboys made him look like an ordinary quarterback (which is still good, but quite the down grade for the Saints).  With the exception of one long run by Reggie Bush, the Cowboys stopped the Saints running game cold (being up by 21 points in the second half didn’t hurt matters either). Dallas really did an excellent job against the Saints passing attack, their defensive backs had great coverage and their defensive line applied the pressure. The Cowboys ended the game with four sacks (including two forced fumbles, one that literally ended the game), but applied tremendous pressure all throughout. They messed with Drew Brees‘ rhythm, and were really the key to the victory.

All is not lost with the Saints, they are still the top seed in the NFC and should be a favorite to make it to the Super Bowl. While I realize its tough to see that loss, especially knowing that their last two games are against the Buccaneers and Panthers (two games they should easily win), they are still an excellent football team. Their defense has begun to scare me though, as they have let three straight teams go up and down the field on them.

The Cowboys for their part did what they need to do. They answered the questions about their December curse last night, and set themselves up in a prime spot for the playoffs. In fact, if they win out they will win the division. Their defense played a tremendous game yesterday, and the play of DeMarcus Ware was a sight to see. He was in the Saints backfield so much you would have thought he was on the other team. And what was more impressive was the fact he was playing hurt. On offense Romo played a great game, and hung in there and made plays with his feet. If the Cowboys can get to the playoffs they are a team that could get hot and go on a run.

The real question for Dallas is who will their kicker be the rest of the season, because it will not be Nick Folk. He is AWFUL right now. How do you miss wide (or hit the goal post) when you are from the 24 yard line in the center of the field? What’s worse is they showed clips of him during warm-ups and he was missing everything (as he’s done all season). Folk has to be cleaning out his locker now, and Dallas will need someone decent if they hope to go deep into the postseason.

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