Cowher Rejects Bills Head Coaching Gig: Dreams Can Come True?

Steve O Speak

As a Redskins fan I got a little something else to be thankful for on Thursday, when I saw that Bill Cowher ruled out interviewing for the Buffalo Bills coaching vacancy at this time. Now its not a huge surprise, considering Buffalo isn’t considered one of the “top jobs” out there (though I don’t know if coaching any team with 6 or less wins is a “top” job). But as a Redskin fan desperate for a winning coach and attitude, Bill Cowher, of all the coaches on the market, brings both of those qualities to the table. Now I know that it’s probably a pipe dream, but I want Cowher as the next Redskin coach over all the other candidates out there. I know you will here names like Shanahan, Holmgren, Dungy, and Gruden. I think that one or more of them may better than Cowher, but for me, Cowher tops the list.

Cowher did more with less than any coach on this list, and probably any coach in the last 25 years. Sure he only went to 2 Super Bowls and won only one of them, but he had only three losing seasons in his 15 year career (or two less than Belichick in his 15 year career). On top of that, he made the playoffs 10 of those 15 seasons. Now its true that Holmgren, Shanahan, and Dungy all have similar if not slightly better resumes, but their is one key difference, and that is who was lining up behind center for these coaches. When you have Favre, Elway, and Manning it can help make life quite a bit easier for you. Cowher on the other hand went to the playoffs with Neil O’Donnell, Mike Tomczak, Kordell Stewart, Tommy Maddox, and Ben Rothelisberger (in his rookie and sophomore seasons). I don’t see Canton making any space for any of these guys (except potentially Rothelisberger), yet they all won under Cowher.

What’s even more interesting is that you pick any position and you will see the same sort of turnover in stars. I know that the argument might be made, that its unfair to base it on quarterbacks because the Steelers live and die by the ground game. Yes, the Steelers had Jerome Bettis, and a place in the Hall of Fame is reserved for the “Bus”. But the Steelers also went to the playoffs on the legs of Barry Foster, Leroy Thompson, Bam Morris, Erric Pegram, and Willie Parker. If you look at any position — O-line, linebackers, corner backs, wide receivers, etc. you will see an extremely high turnover rate. Why? Because the Steelers year in, year out had the best team in the league and everyone wanted their free agents. And since the Steelers almost never resigned their own players (with a few exceptions) they always had to find new players to fit their system.

To me, that is the most impressive thing about Cowher. He could take any player and make him a Pro Bowl caliber guy. He got the most out of his team than any other coach. I think if you match Cowher’s fire, passion, and natural coaching ability (also his talent evaluation is desperately needed in DC) with Daniel Snyder’s money, you will have the perfect winning combination. I don’t care that he’s not an “offensive guy” or that he has struggled in the Championship games. He is the best coach on the market and should be coach in Washington next season. Unfortunately, I know I will have to wake up from this dream of Cowher holding up a Lombardi Trophy dressed in burgundy and gold, but it is nice while it lasts.

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