Week 10 Picks

Steve O Speak

Steelers v. Bengals +7

While I think the Steelers will win the game, it should be a close battle and I think the Bengals with the points are the right pick.

Jets v. Jags +7

This is another one where I see the Jets winning, but not by enough to cover the spread. Jags can definitely move the ball on the ground.

Broncos v. Redskins +3.5

Yes the Broncos are struggling, coming across the country, and are off a short week. But the Skins have been so bad that I can’t pick them with the points.

Titans v. Bills +6.5

I like the Bills in this matchup. The Titans might win the game, but if so it should be by less than a field goal.

Vikings v. Lions +16.5

Even with the huge spread, I don’t know how I can pick the Lions. If the Vikings want to, they could shut out Detroit and put up 35 points.

Saints v. Rams +13.5

Saints are too good not to win this game by 2 TD’s or more. The Rams haven’t been able to score much against their better opponents and I see them struggling to put points on the board today.

Falcons v. Panthers +1

I know the Panthers are playing better (mainly because they aren’t letting Delhomme throw as much). But I don’t have any faith that they can beat the Falcons even on their home field.

Dolphins v. Bucs +10

I like the Bucs with the points in this match up. I don’t think Freeman’s great, but he should make a few plays to keep this game close. I still have no faith in Henne to really lead the Dolphins offense.

Raiders v. Chiefs +2

This is a game that could go either way. I’ll give the Raiders the edge at home, though this could be the game where a 2 point spread comes back to bite you.

Cards v. Seahawks +8

Arizona is starting to show signs of life again, and if Warner and Fitzgerald get on the same page, I don’t know how you stop the Cards offense. I think they win by a double digit margin today.

Chargers v. Eagles +1.5

This is a great game that could go either way. I like the Chargers at home. You can’t think that in back to back weeks their game will be decided by one point.

Cowboys v. Packers +3

After losing to the winless Bucs, I have zero faith in the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. They have talent, but that offensive line is awful. Cowboys should win this game by at least a touchdown.

Colts v. Pats +3

This is a great game tonight, that really is for supremacy in the AFC. The Colts secondary may be banged up, but I think they can overcome their injuries and slow down the Patriots attack. At the end of the day Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning, and so far that’s been enough for the Colts to remain undefeated.

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