Redskins Vs Eagles

Steve O Speak

When this game was originally scheduled for Monday Night Football, I’m sure ESPN thought they were getting an NFC East showdown that would have a lasting impact on the NFC playoff race. I’m sure ESPN was also happy with the return of Michael Vick to an area where almost a decade ago he was considered a hero for returning Virginia Tech to college football prominence. These were going to be the major storylines of the week, and the hype leading up to the game. Neither of these predictions came close to coming true. Vick was supposed to cause a quarterback controversy in Philadelphia, instead the team is already considering ways to cut ties with him after the season. Vick couldn’t even take advantage of a injured/ineffective Donovan McNabb, (who could have a coming out party tonight against the Skins) and overtake him in practice. Vick has been a complete bust anytime he is on the field (which has been getting more and more infrequent).

If anyone has bigger problems right now than Michael Vick, it’s the Washington Redskins. The Redskins were supposed to be a team on the rise, they had a great offseason in free agency and the NFL Draft. In fact the Redskins were so well thought of, that tonight is just the first of three (bad call schedulers) prime time games they have. In their spending and drafting they forgot one crucial issue, the offensive line. They came into the season strong at four of the five offensive line positions, with good veteran starters. The problem with veterans is that collectively they have a lot of years of wear and tear, as well as a pretty extensive injury history. The Redskins needed some competent backups, but didn’t sign any big names or draft any additional lineman. Now the Redskins have their two best offensive lineman out for the year, including Pro Bowl tackle Chris Samuels.  The scary thing is that even losing two offensive lineman for the year and having no depth to turn to, is not the worst thing about the Washington offensive line. The fifth starter among the original five, Stephon Heyer, (was at right tackle now moved to the blindside) has been absolutely awful. He is dominated by the pass rush, and routinely whiffs at blocks in the open field. Unfortunately he still has a starting position for the Skins and as long as he does the offense will grind to a halt. As bad as some other team’s offensive lines are, I really don’t know if he could start for any other team in this league. Now you can’t blame everything that’s going wrong with this team on roster construction or the offensive line. Lame duck coach Jim Zorn has had some very questionable play calling, especially in the red zone. Also quarterback Jason Campbell, who once showed so much promise, has looked like a shell of his former self (or maybe he’s just shell-shocked). Whatever the reason the Redskins are one of this season’s biggest disappointments, and are headed to an offseason with a lot of overhaul and turmoil. In the meantime the Eagles will feast on the Redskins’ mistakes Stephon Heyer, and come away with a convincing victory 23-13.

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