ESPN NFL Power Rankings — Who Will Move Up, Who Will Move Down?

Steve O Speak

By Guest Blogger Megan Shoup:

Rankings courtesy of ESPN.  Here is ESPN’s Power Rankings for the NFL after 5 weeks of play and going into week #6…

1. Colts  

2. Giants



3. Vikings 5-0-0
4. Saints 4-0-0
5. Broncos 5-0-0
6, Bengals 4-1-0
7. Eagles 3-1-0
8. Falcons 3-1-0
9. Jets 3-2-0
10. Patriots 3-2-0
11. Ravens 3-2-0
12. Bears 3-1-0
13. Steelers 3-2-0
14. Packers 2-2-0
15. 49ers 3-2-0
16. Chargers 2-2-0
17. Cowboys 3-2-0
18. Dolphins 2-3-0
19. Cardinals 2-2-0
20. Seahawks 2-3-0
21. Jaguars 2-3-0
22. Texans 2-3-0
23. Panthers 1-3-0
24. Redskins 2-3-0
25. Bills 1-4-0
26. Lions 1-4-0
27. Titans 0-5-0
28. Browns 1-4-0
29. Raiders 1-4-0
30. Chiefs 0-5-0
31. Buccaneers 0-5-0
32. Rams 0-5-0

The interesting thing about the NFL, is its a LONG season.  So where teams sit at week 6, doesn’t mean we can already see the playoff picture.  But after over a quarter of the season, we are starting to see trends.  So which teams might make a big leap and be last season’s San Diego Chargers in 2009?  And which teams are starting strong and going to fizzle to be last season’s Washington Redskins? 

Certainly there could be some possible shifts after this week, with a couple contenders going head to head.  Ravens vs. Vikings, Giants vs. Saints, Bears vs. Falcons, and Broncos vs. Chargers are the marquee games this week.   I personally think the Vikings, Saints, Falcons and Broncos will come out on top in those games and will be the continue to move up in the Power Rankings.

I feel the surprising Broncos and Bengals are the real deal this year.  I think along with them, the rest of the top 10 will stay intact for awhile, with the exception being the Jets.  I still think Mark Sanchez needs some time and don’t know that he’ll be a hero all season. 

Other teams I could see moving down the power rankings over the next few weeks are the Cowboys, Chargers and Packers.  Teams I could see moving up the power rankings are the Titans, Lions and Seahawks.  I’m not saying they’ll make the playoffs, but I think they’ll have more wins in their future.  And for my beloved Redskins, I’d love to put them in the “moving up the rankings” group, but the have to beat the Chiefs first and then their schedule gets tough.  But I’m that crazy Redskins fan that thinks if they’re mathematically in it, there’s still a chance (even with a broken/weak offensive line, a coach who’s about to be fired, and horrible ownership)! 

So that’s what I think going into the NFL’s week #6.  What do you think?  Is your team moving up or down?

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