Mike Greenberg Rant About Robert Hensen…TOTALLY Agree!

Steve O Speak

By contributing writer Megan Shoup:

Most sports fans probably heard about Washington Redskins’ INACTIVE ROOKIE Robert Hensen and his comments on Twitter about Redskins fans booing at Sunday’s home game.  You may of also seen Mike Greenberg’s rant on Mike & Mike this morning.  If you haven’t, check it out…


I think he was totally correct about Hensen’s inappropriate comments!  I LOVED it!  Especially because he had absolutely NOTHING to do with Sunday’s outcome.  As Mike & Mike said, he had as much to do with the game as you or I did!  He’s a 6th round draft pick who has not even played in a NFL game yet.  And he called fans dimwits and knocked people who work very hard to make enough money to go to expensive NFL games. 

My family and I have been Redskins’ season ticket holders for years.  Its expensive, but we’re loyal to the team so its worth it.  We were sitting amongst all the boos on Sunday.  I’m not saying it was right, but when you’re passionate about your team and they let you down, sometimes its hard to control your emotions.  I know the Redskins didn’t truly let us down because we won.  And a win is a win.  But it could have easily been a loss and I think that’s why there were some boos.  I don’t think any FAN was booing the players, but the poor redzone play calling that left us without a touchdown.  That’s on the coaching staff and Zorn. 

Now the people that were booing at the very end were wrong in my opinion, because we did WIN.  And I think a lot were stupidly booing because they ran out the clock and didn’t try to get a touchdown.  Whether they didn’t know football, or they had to many beers, they should have realized we did the right thing taking the win. 

I still think the Redskins fans are true, loyal fans!  A lot of teams get booed at home if they’re playing poorly.  Sports fans are passionate people and true fans will probably show their joy & displeasure equally!  I liked DeAngelo Hall’s comments and saying he’d probably boo too during that game.  He seemed to stick up for the hometown fans and I appreciate that. 

I guess there’s 2 issues here…1) Did the fans have a right to boo at all during a home game?  and 2) Do players have a right for calling fans out?  What do you think?  I think EVERYONE can agree that Robert Hensen is an idiot and should keep his mouth shut and stay away from Twitter!

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