What Are Offshore Betting Sites and Which Are the Best Ones to Sign-Up With

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After years of being illegal throughout the United States, the size of the US sports betting market is growing rapidly with states regularly passing legislation that opens up new territories to those eager to take advantage. With real-world casinos being legal throughout the country, gambling fans have long wondered why it can’t be legal online as well. The number of us who enjoy sports betting is getting larger, fortunately, but in some areas, the wait continues.


However, American online casinos and betting portals are far from the only game in town. Into the controlled American ecosystem come offshore betting sites, offering users in certain states the chance to bet on sporting events and activities even though they are not strictly regulated by the specific state you are based. Being based outside of the country means that they don’t fall under the province of American gambling laws, much like having casinos in international waters back when they were illegal in the US.


What is an Offshore Betting Site?


Basically, an offshore betting site is one that is not based or regulated by the US, and in some cases, this may mean that the organization in question isn’t totally legit. It’s crucial that your due diligence is done before plopping down any amount of money with any online betting portal without the proper credentials. Fortunately, there are, however, a number of respected players in this field that are used by thousands of players across the world, and you’ll note that these tend to be sites that have domains that typically end in .ag or .eu, though certainly not always.


Offshore betting sites are unregulated, and they operate in something of a grey area in the market, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not reputable options to consider, especially if you are unable to place your online sports bet anywhere else. Therefore when looking for the overall best offshore betting site you’ll need to take a number of aspects into account.


What to Look for Before Signing Up With an Offshore Sportsbook


In our view, the most critical aspect of any offshore sportsbook is security, and you should steer clear of any site that immediately looks dubious. More important than what they look like, though, is whether they offer the sort of encryption and security measures that, say, your mega online retailers like Amazon might offer. Fortunately, the best offshore sports betting sites are licensed in their home countries and, as such, offer a good level of protection.


Look for the offshore betting site that has the most substantial betting market in relation to the sports you are likely to bet on. In other words, if you love Ice Hockey, you’ll need to know that the offshore sportsbook you join offers plenty of NHL action. Those that don’t specialize in the sport you want to bet on simply aren’t as reliable as those that do.


Clearly, most sportsbooks will offer a level of betting on the NFL, but you might want a site that provides a deep level of betting options in the market. Therefore make sure to take a good look around before you make your selection. With football being so particular to the US – to other countries, football means something entirely different, after all – it can take a bit of time to find the best European site that has at least some specialism in American football.



Try, also, to find an offshore sportsbook that provides strong welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions to retain your custom. Some sportsbooks offer great offers, as much as $1000 in matched deposits as an example, and these kinds of deals will help to maximize your overall betting strategy. If it looks too good to be true, however, it probably is and is another sign that the site you’ve landed on may be a giant scam.


Is Offshore Betting in the US?


Legally speaking, no. Just under half of all US states now allow sports betting, and you’ll need to be physically situated within the borders of those states to take part, which has led to alternative options opening up.


Law enforcement in relation to the use of offshore betting is minimal, and that’s why thousands upon thousands of Americans use their services.


When it comes to selecting the sportsbook of your choice in the offshore market, you should do plenty of research before signing up and avoid providing any bank details until you are 100% sure that the site you are selecting is trustworthy.


Admittedly, this type of advice is precisely the same as we’d suggest when it comes to selecting any sports betting sites regulated in the US.


That isn’t to say the dangers with offshore betting don’t exist but that these dangers are evident with all online sports betting sites.



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