Sports Betting in the US: How to Get Started

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Many Americans will be aware of the history of sports betting in the US, and how for much of the country’s life, it has been illegal to do. This inevitably led to underground sports betting taking place, such as a pool made by work colleagues or even larger outfits that act as a small business. However, in 2018, states in the US were given the power to legalise sports betting, which came as great news to sports enthusiasts and gambling operators all over the country. As more and more states begin to allow their inhabitants to partake in sports betting, it will be useful for sports fans who have never done it before to understand the best way to get into the scene.


Americans must have been watching much of the rest of the world with envy as they could place bets on their favourite teams every week. Now that many states have joined in on the sports betting scene though, those people who want to find the best odds on leagues such as the NFL, is a good option, can now place bets on their favoured team or players.


The first thing that players should do to get in on sports betting is to download an app of their choice. There are a whole host of options on the store as the space is highly competitive, but players should typically choose the one that offers the best welcome bonus, as this will allow them to get a great start when placing their first bets as some give bonus money or increased stakes. If the player so desires, they can also download many different apps when it comes to utilising the welcome bonus as this will give the player a wide range of options. While gambling apps are arguably the most convenient way to play, websites are also a good alternative.


Players should then consider what sport they want to place bets on. Most betting operators will offer many different sports, and Americans should feel safe in the knowledge that its most popular sports such as football are generally offered by most betting companies. It would only make sense for players to choose a sport that they have a vested interest in already, as a basic understanding of how the sport is played and the strength of teams in a league can prove highly beneficial when it comes to placing bets. Some veterans also place bets in sports they do not like, but this is where statistics come into play to help place informed bets. Despite this, beginners are advised to stick to what they know best.


Lastly, the time for placing a bet has arrived. Players will be faced with a choice of different markets, which simply mean what type of bet will be placed. Those new to sports betting will typically want to stick with markets like match betting and over/under, as these are simple to understand and can also offer some great odds and subsequent high returns.


Sports betting is becoming more popular in America as residents partake in the activity for the first time. It is only likely that other states follow suit, resulting in a hopeful future where sports betting is legalised across the whole country.

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