How have the links between top sports franchises and gambling companies grown over recent years?

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Sports are a central part of society and something that most of us enjoy. While that might be playing sports like football or hockey for some, for others, watching sports like baseball, soccer or basketball is how they get more involved. However you like to do it, there is just something about sports which hits the mark. When you think of the action they bring and the excitement leagues like the NBA or NFL offer, it is easy to see why we like them so much.


Of course, sports are not the only way to have fun in your spare time and you might sometimes look to other activities when you fancy something different. Playing NJ online casino free money games is an option that gives you the opportunity to enjoy fun casino classics for a chance to win real money. If you use a casino comparison site like, then you can also find an online casino to game at, and one which offers the best bonuses around.


When it comes to gambling, many fans also like to bet on their favorite sport. This not only brings you closer to the action but also enables you to maybe win some money. If you bet on teams and sports that you know well, you have the added benefit of expert knowledge to help. Sports betting is certainly something any fan might have seen a lot more about over the last year or two. That has seen some firm links between top US sports franchises and gambling companies emerging.


But how has this grown over the last few years?


US Supreme Court Ruling set the tone


There is no doubt that the foundations for the increasing links between US sports franchises and gambling companies date back to this ruling. The 2018 US Supreme Court ruling on sports betting was truly historic and struck down the PASPA Act which had blocked sports wagering before. With many US states starting to exercise their right to legalize sports betting, it meant that this activity was no longer off the table or frowned upon.


As a result, the top franchises in US sport had no legal issues to overcome if they chose to team up with gambling companies. In addition, the rubber stamp for sports betting also meant that sports franchises who chose to team up with gambling companies could do so without fearing a negative media or public reaction. All this has removed the worry about the bad PR many sports franchises might have had previously when thinking of partnering with gambling companies.


NFL and NBA deals helped to firm up links


Although the US Supreme Court ruling really opened the floodgates for sports and gambling to work more closely, it still needed top franchises to blaze a trail for others to follow. There is no doubt that the NFL’s deal to enable individual franchises to strike deals for casino sponsorships helped. It not only gave the green light for NFL teams to link up with casinos but also showed other US sports what was possible.


Keen basketball followers will remember the $25m per year sponsorship deal the NBA struck with MGM Resorts after the 2018 sports betting ruling. These types of deal not only helped to firm up the links between sports and gambling companies but also showed other sports what could be achieved and what benefits this could bring. Over time, this should see more top franchises teaming up with gambling companies.


Sports franchises more open to partnering with gambling companies


We have already noted that the general attitude to sports betting and the legal landscape around it have helped links grow recently – but this is not all there is to know. It is a fact that the players, owners and staff involved with US sports franchises are less suspicious of linking with gambling companies now than they might have been before. This leaves them more open to striking up links with companies like this and being willing to work with them as time moves on.


As the modern generation of player and owner grow up being more comfortable with gambling in society generally, then this also helps them be more comfortable with taking sponsorship money from gambling companies. Overall, this simply makes the franchises more willing to partner with companies in the gambling industry and to seek out deals with them.


Gambling companies willing to invest in sports


Of course, it is not all about the US sports franchises and what they got out of any linkage between the sectors. Firmer links have grown over time because gambling companies themselves have invested resources into partnerships, such as the above NBA and NFL deals. This is with a keen eye on putting their brand in front of the millions of people who follow sports to attract more customers.


This can potentially see huge increases in revenue for gambling companies and means they are willing to offer sports franchises big bucks to sponsor them. That type of money is hard to turn down for franchises always looking to increase profits and makes them more open to working with companies in gambling.


Sports and sports betting set to grow


There seems no doubt that sports betting growth in the USA over the last few years has been massive. This has seen well over $20bn bet since the PASPA Act disappeared and many states began to make it legal. Sports themselves are also enduringly popular and continue to attract fans around the US and also globally for top sports.


Football, for example, is now picking up huge traction in Europe thanks to the top NFL prospects and players. NBA is also something many people follow from abroad. It seems that, with no legal issues to stop them, both sectors have seen the potential for growth the other offers and they are keen to make the most of it. With this in mind, the links between top US franchises and gambling companies should continue to prosper in the future.


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