Could the Pandemic Change Betting Regulation?

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There has been a big push in recent years for a shift in gambling and betting regulation amongst many states in the US as it still remains inaccessible to some, often times the same bill is recycled and resubmitted with a small change in language and crossed fingers that perhaps attitudes had changed enough to allow it to pass this time around – but this past year could have a much wider impact on the market than many thought possible as some experts suggest this could be a perfect time for the bills to be reintroduced and see growing support – as many players turn to different services online to take advantage of the exclusive offers like these BetMGM Tennessee bonus code whilst land-based options remain unavailable for some, but where are the other big advantages being found?

A potential for economic recovery – Perhaps the biggest factor that could cause a shift for some is within the potential for an economic recovery following the end of the pandemic, there have been some experts that have suggested with the potential taxes and tariffs assigned on some of the bills that are submitted that betting and gambling as a whole could aid with economic recovery for certain states if they are to introduce new betting bills – the biggest suggestion had been within California with certain suggestions stating that there was a potential to raise between $500 million to $700 million a year as popularity grew – this estimate came as a revised bill had been submitted to levy a 10% tax for those placed at land-based services, and a 15% tax for those wagers made online through mobile in particular.

Changing attitudes may be more impactful too – This past year has had many players explore different services, but also those not typically interested in betting as a whole have become more likely to make the change to different online gaming platforms including gambling as many of the biggest operators are reporting huge surges in new players – this has helped changed attitudes toward the practice, and whilst not widely represented amongst those who’ll make the decision to introduce any potential bills, could drum up support from individuals to push changes forward.

Clarification needed in other markets – It’s also important to note that the success found in growing markets like esports also need an answer with legislation either targeted directly, or updating existing options to address the growing world of esports too. Many of the new bills do address this in particular, as such given the broad nature of the new legislation proposed for many different states, it may be encouraging to accept the change given it covers all aspects of the market and not just the existing spaces where there had been little change.

With many hearings set to take place toward the end of the year, there is certainly the potential for 2021 to round off on a good note for the growing number of punters, either that or simply more of the same in rejected bids and the same literature resubmitted once more.



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