How to Draft and Manage Your Fantasy Picks Online

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Fantasy games are like your typical sports game, except that it takes quite the creativity. Even though you can select who you want in your fantasy team, it takes more than that to win the game. The outcomes of fantasy sports rely on how well you know your players in real life and how they have been performing in their most recent games.


One of the most popular fantasy games in North America, American Football, is having postseason matches for their playoffs, with the big Super Bowl event only a month away. Fantasy football players play with their ideal teams based on how they are performing now, aiming to win the prize. If you want to join them in their hype for the upcoming Super Bowl, you need to know how to pick and manage your fantasy team.


Here’s how.

Set up an Account in a Sportsbook

It states the obvious, but you can’t join any fantasy games online without an online sportsbook. Before you look for a site to participate in, see that the state you live in can play fantasy sports or fantasy football if you want to be more specific. Look for a sportsbook on the internet. Make sure it is registered to operate and is in no way a scam. Also, make sure that the site also offers fantasy football or any other sport you might want to participate in.


When you’ve made sure that the site is for you, click a join or register button to sign up. Register by filling in the needed details. This typically includes your name, date of birth, address, and contact details such as your phone number and email address. After that, depending on the site you registered, you will immediately be asked for your mode of payment.

Deposit Money

When you pay to join some fantasy games, the sportsbook will not directly get the money from your account. Instead, you will have your electronic wallet for your account to put your money there so you can spend it on other fantasy games. It is also where you can claim your prize if you win. What you have to do is to fill in the needed information for the payment. Afterward, click the deposit button.


When you deposit money, a good tip is to pay little at first, as beginners for the site get bonuses or discounts upon signing up and playing their first fantasy game. Only add in the amount you need to pay for joining. Never add more than what you need. You might have other better things to spend with that excess money. To take the money from your account wallet to your source of funds, you can withdraw.

Select your Game and League

When you’re ready and have a good idea of how the site operates, go to the Fantasy Football section and determine your fantasy game. You can do the regular fantasy football game, which spans for weeks, or you can begin with daily fantasy football, a shorter and quicker version.


Select a league, which is like a server where you can play with whoever joins. You can enter a public league or a private one as long as you have an invitation. Be careful which league you join as some play for fun only, while others play it seriously to win some cash.

Draft your players

When you’re already part of the league, it’s time to build your team. First, you need to do a lot of research: who’s available, who has been performing well, what position is the priority. Make sure you have a full roster with all positions filled. When you have your list of ideal players, you can now do the draft.


Depending on the sportsbook you’re in or in the league you joined, there are different ways to do it. Most private leagues, especially if you’re all friends, are done in person. Some use an auto-pick, where you will be automatically given players for your lineup, whether it’s the best one available or the previous setup you had. The league might also do the draft by having each member pick a player one at a time.


Manage your Team

Depending on your game, you may want to look after your team from time to time. Daily fantasy football is simple, and you may not need to look after it, but if you’re in a league that follows the season, you need to be vigilant.


Your team is to fight the teams of your fellow league members every week. In between those matches, you need to keep making adjustments to your team. If your player has an injury, replace him for a substitute. If you feel like some of your offensive players cannot withstand those of the other team, you can substitute them. It takes knowing your players and the field well to make your way to the playoffs and win. For updates, the NFL website has it all.


American football is a big sport in fantasy games, and fantasy games are part of what keeps fans coming back to the sport. There’s something about building that NFL Championship Fantasy Team that keeps you hooked for more. Have fun with your fantasy game, and play responsibly.



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