Could Gambling Companies Start Sponsoring The NFL?

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Arguably one of the biggest brands in America, the NFL collectively refers to the American Football league (National Football League) and is one of the most-watched sports in the country.


In fact, most of the teams are global brands themselves and have followings all around the world. With the gambling industry having started to open up in the country over the last couple of years, with more states passing bills to allow different forms of the activity it has led to industry insiders questioning whether the NFL could become subject of attention from gambling companies.


Following the ongoing legalization of gambling across the USA, a spokesperson for reputable gambling site was bullish on the matter stating: “As the gambling industry and online gambling industry in particular starts to open up further in the USA there is a lot of potential for partnerships between US sports teams and gambling companies.”


“Already this has proven to be successful in the UK and Europe and there is no reason why this cannot be just as fruitful in the USA, especially when you factor in the audience figures and popularity of the sport.”


Attracting millions of viewers on a weekly basis, there is no doubt that there is a lot of potential for the gambling industry to become even more successful, with the sport providing a great platform for gambling companies to acquire more players. In 2019, the Super Bowl broke the record for television viewers with 11.3 million figures worldwide.


How could this benefit the NFL?

While the NFL might already be very commercially successful, especially factoring in revenue from broadcasting companies, should gambling companies start sponsoring the sport, it will help to create even more for the sport.


In fact, it is likely to be mutually beneficial, as gambling companies have their logos emblazoned across stadium billboards, team jerseys and even helmets to further raise awareness.


The ability for those in the stadium to make bets during a game could be made easier if fans were made aware of an easily accessible gambling company for example, one that sponsored one of the NFL teams that they are watching. This would potentially mean a significant return on investment for the gambling company.


In addition to this, knowledge sharing between the two industries could help each one grow even more and as a result create a strong synergistic alliance between the two entities.

Without a doubt, this notion is definitely something that is realistic should more gambling legislation get passed and the UK and Europe already provide the perfect model for the NFL to follow.



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