What Is The Circa Sports Million?

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For enthusiasts of this activity, placing bets on sports games provides instant gratification with almost effortless action. And the perfect place to participate in a sports betting game is, of course, in Vegas. Among the many sports, football is considered the most popular sport in the United States that you can bet on. If you’re interested in the National Football League (NFL) and in winning lucrative payout schedules, Circa Sports Million is for you. 


This article discusses the rules and exciting other good-to-know facts about Circa Sports Million. Let’s get started:

What Is Circa Sports Million?


Circa Sports Million refers to a new professional Las Vegas football handicapping contest. It operated by the sportsbook operator called Circa Sports, which involves picking five NFL games posted spread weekly. This football handicapping contest has a USD$1,000 entry fee and a limit of three entries per participant. 

How It Works


Individual sportsbooks create football betting lines. A betting line moves depending on the amount of money wagered on the side. The sportsbook, Circa Sports Million, spreads the points differently, wherein contest spreads are in “static lines.” It means that static lines won’t change once they are posted.


Enter the Circa Sports football contests as a motivated contestant by working with a trusted proxy service to give you an advantage. Place your picks with a flat fee using professional proxy services. Work with one of the proxy services with the latest submission times to benefit from the latest updates. It makes a big difference in knowing what NFL team wins or loses a game.


Here’s how the game works:


  • Contestants pick five NFL games against the fixed spread (contest line).
  • The contestant or team with the most earned points over the seventeen-week regular season will be declared the winner.
  • With the help of a reputable proxy service, you can take part and win Quarterly MVP Prizes.



A participant must be at least 21 years old to enter Circa Sports Million with three entries per contestant or team, betting on favorite football teams, or those predicted to win. 

Guaranteed Winnings


The prize of Circa Sports Million is USD$1 million. If the contest exceeds 1,000 players, the prize pool increases with the extra entry fees without handling or rake fees. 


Here are the guaranteed winnings of Circa Sports Million:


  • Quarterly prizes are also given at weeks 1 to 4, 5 to 8, 9 to 12, and 13 to 17, which is more than USD$250,000 awarded every month (USD$150,000+ for the first place, USD$75,000 for the second place, and USD$25,000 for the third place).
  • The total awarded prize is USD$3,000,000 in the entire NFL season. 
  • The worst set of picks gets to win a Booby Prize amounting to USD$100,000. 

How To Join


Sports betting is prohibited in most states in the US, but legal in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contestants from different states are all welcome to join Circa Sports Million. All registrations should take place in person at the Golden Gate Casino or the D Las Vegas. Registrants sign up with the proxy. 

Circa Sports Million Facts 


  1. Who was the winner in the 2019 Circa Sports Million? 


The historic first-ever champion of the Circa Sports Million is Isaac Meier with the alias “Booty Blockers-1.” Isaac turned a USD$1,000 buy-in into a USD$1 million in prize by becoming the 2019 Circa Sports Million winner. The game that ultimately made Isaac the champion of this sports betting game was the Eagles taking over the New York Giants.

  1. Who can participate in this sports betting game?


As previously mentioned, all adults 21 years old and above can participate in Circa Sports Million, whether they’re Nevada residents or not. Since non-residents need to sign up in person, proxies can be used to submit weekly picks.

  1. How does Circa determine the winner?


The Circa Sports Million contest is won by earning as many points as possible. It’s based on five weekly NFL football picks against a static point spread. Each correct selection will be awarded one point, and each push is awarded one half (.5) point. All incorrect picks are given zero (0) points.

  1. How many authorized proxies are allowed for each contestant?


Each contestant can authorize up to three proxies to submit weekly selections. Circa Sports does not recommend or endorse any proxy service and will never be involved in any way in any proxy agreement.

  1. When are picks submitted in Circa Sports Million?


Circa Sports posts the static lines every Thursday at 10:00 am. Contestants submit weekly picks by 3:00 pm every Saturday to Circa during the season. All picks not submitted by the weekly deadline will be awarded zero points.



Participating in the sports betting game, Circa Sports Million gives you a chance to invest your USD$1,000 and convert it into a million dollars. It involves predicting the winning teams during the NFL season or picks spread in a five-week period. 



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