The Evolution Of Online Sports Betting

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It’s difficult to imagine a time before modern sports betting and the ease of access we have now – the ability to open an app, tap a few buttons and you’re away, especially with the rapid growth of esports betting we have been shown just how far betting has come and the growing number of offers to encourage new players to get started similar to this Unibet bonuskoodi offered with sign up bonuses and free bets – but it wasn’t always this way.


Early online betting first emerged in 1996 as the very first online wager had been placed on a Tottenham Hotspur v Hereford United game, but much like the wild west there were plenty of difficulties to overcome – early regulation hadn’t been entirely put in place and this led to a number of sites that either didn’t have any betting license or weren’t registered following safe operating rules – it would appear that history would repeat itself with esports too as early betting had the same issue with sites that weren’t the most trustworthy popping up to fill in the gaps where more established operators weren’t yet present.


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Things changed very quickly, however, as the rapid growth of the internet and online betting happened and growing fan interest in these sites, regulation quickly followed. It’s still far from perfect even now, but many countries have since put many safeguards in place to ensure player protection – although there are still a number of untrustworthy sites out there too, users individually have become much more experienced at spotting out the safe and unsafe sites to use.


Things have moved vastly further now too – the introduction of modern betting sites and mobile applications have made betting services more accessible than ever making the user experience much easier – simple layouts with easy to follow headers have made it easy to navigate to your favourite sport or upcoming game, faster connections have made the sites more responsive and the modern experience is very different from the early days. Wider coverage has also played its part too – without online live streaming and enough sources to cover everything going on, there were definitely some games slipping through the cracks – now it doesn’t matter the time or day, you can be sure every sport around the world with an audience is likely to be covered – from the most obscure with a small following to the biggest titles, you’ll be able to find odds and place your own wager.


Sports betting is bigger than it has ever been and only continues to grow – esports as the new kid on the block is really taking over, with numbers that have started to rival even the most established sporting names, and as these more established titles also begin to change and move to a more online presence their viewership will only grow too. Social betting has also become a huge part of modern services, being able to talk to your friends and other fans has definitely improved the experience – and may be the next big frontier for pushing the audience.

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