The Impact Of Smartphones In The World Of Sports

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There is simply no denying that the world of sports isn’t completely different from what it once was. While right now almost everything has come to a grinding halt thanks to this COVID-19, it would be hard to say that the world of sports hasn’t come a long way since it first appeared on TV back in 1936. That’s right, 1936 was the first year that a sporting event hit the big screen. And, it was none other than the 1936 Olympics. Now, every sporting fan is used to being able to watch live sports regularly. Not just on TV, but on other devices like smartphones as well. This is just one of the many ways that the smartphone has impacted the world of sports. Want to know what else these devices have done to the wide world of sports?


The Second Screen Experience


When sports first aired on TV, people were more than happy with simply sitting on their couches and indulging. Heck, most people at this time would have never imagined that there would even be more options available. There is now thanks to the advancement of technology. With devices like the smartphone, people can now pull up a second feed of the game while they are watching it on TV. Maybe they are looking for a more customized experience or maybe they are looking to get closer to the action. Whatever the situation is, there are some sports that have even started taking advantage of this technology.


For instance, the NBA now allows spectators to take advantage of a variety of interactions when watching the game via smartphone. You can chat with other users and get live game updates. This does make the entire process a bit more interesting.


Live Streaming On Demand


How many games have you missed because you couldn’t make it home and get in front of the TV in time? Maybe the game aired in a different part of the world when you were asleep or at work. Probably more times than you would like. While it is still possible for this to happen, the smartphone has greatly lowered the chances. Live streaming is without a doubt one of the biggest technological advances introduced to the sports world. With your smartphone and a viable Internet connection, you can log in and watch live games from just about anywhere in the world. In addition to this, streaming has also altered the entire broadcasting landscape for traditional broadcasters.


Broadcasting companies are now trying to fight back by offering their own sports streaming services like ESPN+. This really is only good news for fans, as the increased competition and availability means you’ll likely never have to worry about quick and easy access again.


Sports Betting


If you thought live streaming and the second screen experience were popular, you haven’t seen anything like sports betting. Sports betting has long been a favorite past time of many, but it is a growing trend now thanks to technologies like the smartphone. The smartphone allows betting football by phone cards as well as tons of other betting options. Sporting fans from all around the world can log into their smartphones and place bets on upcoming games. There are even some sites that allow customers to place and make bets when the games are being streamed. Whatever the situation is, there are tons of sports betting action available through devices like the smartphone.


Fantasy Sports


Fantasy Sports have always been popular as well. And, now thanks to the smartphone they have never been more accessible and popular. In the US alone, millions of people are starting to take advantage of the fantasy sporting experience. This is a development that has led to the fantasy sports world now becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, there are even some real-life pro sporting companies that have got heavily invested in fantasy sports. Just take Time Warner and Fan Duel, for example. Both of these companies are now involved in fantasy sports and their services can be taken advantage of online.


The technology behind fantasy sports coupled with the availability of smartphones allows people to get involved and stay involved with their favorite sports in a way that they have never been able to before. It also provides a great learning platform for many, as they can learn to study and interrupt sports stats.



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