Offshore Sportsbooks vs Local Online Sportsbooks: Which Is the Best to Bet On?

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When it comes to betting online, punters always have a wide selection of questions. But, this is often the most asked of those questions. Punters always want to achieve the maximum possible returns on all of their bets and finding the perfect place to find that value could be on offshore sportsbooks. The growth of online gambling has enabled the industry to flourish, and there have never been more available options for punters to choose from.


Of course, local online sportsbooks are always the easiest to find for punters, as they will likely know the names of many of the leaders in the industry. However, the offshore selections shouldn’t be overlooked. These often have some of the best odds around, but which you should use could often be dependent on what you’re trying to achieve in terms of your experience.


What Is Offshore Betting?


The term offshore betting is used very prominently within the industry, but it is simply a sportsbook that is operated and regulated overseas. So, for US customers, this would include sportsbooks that are regulated and operated from within countries such as the United Kingdom. Most of these websites have been around since the boom of online gambling began, and they have long been a prominent option for American gamblers, as they didn’t have the same options due to the lack of regulated sportsbooks in the States.


Of course, some punters may already have mixed feelings about signing up for an offshore sportsbook because of the fear that they have for safety and security reasons. However, the majority of them are 100% safe. If you have any doubts, you can find highly recommended sites here at who are trusted by the expert sports betting community.


Why Bet With An Offshore Sportsbook?


The biggest advantage for all punters betting with offshore sites is that it is available to anybody across the board; particularly in the USA. Players from around the country can utilize offshore sportsbooks, which means it isn’t just limited to players in areas such as Nevada and New Jersey where gambling is legal.


There is also a greater number of markets available to punters than selecting a sportsbook that is local. That means that punters who are fans of soccer and rugby will be able to find an extensive number of options to find value. That may not be the same for the majority of the other local sportsbooks. We briefly touched on the safety, but the lion-share of offshore sportsbooks are 100% safe, with personal information stored safely by the use of SSL Encryption.


Why Use Local Online Sportsbooks?


There are a lot of local online sportsbooks available for punters to select from, and they also have their advantages for punters. The main one is that they are regulated from within the US. That means that punters know that they are gambling safely and within a regulated environment. Punters are guaranteed to receive their winnings if they have a winning bet. Not just that, but punters can now take advantage of the mobile apps that are being rolled out by these sportsbooks, and the number of these is only likely to increase over the next ten years.


Disadvantages Of Local Online Sportsbooks


The glaringly obvious disadvantage that comes with the local online sportsbooks within the US is that only three states currently offer online or mobile options. Only punters within New Jersey, West Virginia and Nevada are able to take advantage at present. Also, the taxes are a slight issue, but this is mainly for professional gamblers. However, it is always important to bear in mind. The withholding rate is currently 24% for this year, which means that should punters win over $5,000 then this will be something they need to keep in mind.


Which Is The Best To Bet On?


Overall, the offshore sportsbooks options far exceed the options that are given by local online sportsbooks. If you are a punter that enjoys all sports and don’t live in the areas that we have spoken about, then offshore sportsbooks are your best bet at getting value. However, it is entirely down to what the punter prefers. There isn’t any risk with betting on offshore sites should you have done the adequate research, which means there are more options available to punters than they may have thought.

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