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Ben from Bethesda, MD:

-Who do you see winning the National Championship?

I have Kentucky and VCU advancing to the NCAA Finals next Monday (which in this year’s bracket means you should pick UConn and Butler). In the end I see Kentucky winning it all.

I think VCU will get by Butler, because right now I simply think they want it more than any other team. No one gave them any credit and most people thought they were a joke of a pick, but they are now just two games away from a National Championship. While I think Butler is a good team, and obviously they are narrating their own Cinderella story I just see VCU coming up big in the end.

As for Kentucky, I know it doesn’t make much sense to pick against UConn, but I’ll do it anyways. The Wildcats have some really legit star talent on this team and I think they have a point guard in Brandon Knight that can slow down Kemba Walker. Their Final Four match-up will be a good game and should go right down to the end, but I think Kentucky wins in the battle between the two storied programs.

While VCU has made an impressive run I just have a feeling they won’t end up cutting down the nets next Monday night. Kentucky will be yet another star-studded challenge, and the one I think they will finally succumb too. It should be a good game and will really show the parity of the sport, but in the end I think the Wildcats end up with the win.