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32 On the Clock Mocks: Seattle Seahawks

April 24, 2021:

It is NFL Draft crunch time! Which means we are going to do a mock draft for all 32 teams using On the Clock of course! We will be using On the Clock Premium or Ultimate GM in these simulations, which you can upgrade to an annual subscription here!

These simulations will help give fans an idea of how the draft can play out for their team and give different scenarios to debate. So, enjoy and happy NFL Draft week!

Remember we will have On the Clock LIVE for Rounds 1-3 on Thursday & Friday nights of the 2021 NFL Draft! So you can still draft LIVE based off real-time results!


Seattle Seahawks:

On the Clock Premium simulation summary

The Seahawks won’t have a 1st round pick in this draft so they will have to hit on their mid-round selections. Humphrey is definitely a player who can help Seattle immensely and will make Russell Wilson happy. He’s a good center prospect who can start as a rookie. Darden and Gowan fill needs and could contribute as a rookies. This is going to be tough for Seattle to make a difference with so few picks. Humphrey is likely the only one who makes any noticeable impact.


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