Washington Redskins Team Needs for 2013 NFL Draft

Team Needs

1. Safety (x2)

2. Cornerback

3. Offensive Tackle

4. Nose Tackle

5. Running Back

6. Inside Linebacker

7. Outside Linebacker depth

8. Wide receiver depth

The Redskins are without their first round pick so it will be tough to focus on everything that they need, but the draft is deep in basically all the positions they are looking for.

Their secondary is particularly weak, and has zero depth going forward as their top three corners and safeties are all unrestricted free agents after this year. Safety is the bigger need, but corner is up there as well. Both positions though should be addressed at least once.

Other defensive considerations are nose tackle, inside linebacker and outside linebacker, where depth is a serious concern.

Offensively finding a right tackle has to be the top priority. Currently the Redskins have 5 options in camp, but none are considered a good option or make a lot of money. Finding a solution to help protect their franchise quarterback makes a lot of sense. Adding another running back to be a change of pace guy to Alfred Morris is something that should be addressed in the late rounds.


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