Jacksonville Jaguars Team Needs for 2013 NFL Draft

Team Needs


1. Quarterback

2. Defensive End

3. Offensive Tackle

4. Cornerback

5. Guard

6. Outside Linebacker

7. Center

8. Safety

9. Defensive Tackle

10. Running Back

Though the Jaguars drafted Blaine Gabbert in the first round in 2011, their ownership, coach and GM have all changed since then, making it very likely that his time as a starter is up. Expect them to use a first or second round pick to add one of the better quarterbacks in this class.

As you can see, the Jaguars have needs at almost every position. But next to quarterback, pass rushing is the Jaguars biggest weakness. Defensive end should be a primary early pick to help fill this void, though Jacksonville could also address these needs with upgrades at outside linebacker and defensive tackle.

Jacksonville has one of the better young left tackles in the league in Eugene Monroe, but could use upgrades at the other four offensive line positions. The biggest needs are getting a right tackle and left guard.

The Jaguars have cleaned house in their secondary and are left with a very unproven depth chart. Grabbing at least one cornerback and safety in this draft could give their new defensive coaching staff something to build upon.


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