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NFL Combine Quarterback Previews:


What to expect from the top Quarterback’s at the Combine?

-Well with Andrew Luck and RGIII not throwing, some of the luster from this group is gone. Griffin is expected to run though so we will get to see him do that, but it won’t be the same as seeing the top two guys throw.

-Also Ryan Tannehill (injury) and Brock Osweiler aren’t going to throw either leaving this QB group fairly weak overall. Tannehill could have really moved up draft boards with a strong Combine and locked down that top 20 or 15 spot.

-Brandon Weeden is now the top QB competing and he really doesn’t have much competition in this department. I expect him to really rise up draft boards.

-Kirk Cousins is another one who should spike some today, I expect plus accuracy and a pretty decent deep ball. He’s also pretty athletic so he should test well in that area as well.

-Nick Foles is a top guy who could struggle today. He’s not as fast as some of the QB’s, and his accuracy could be an issue as well. He struggles some on timing routes and that could be an issue.

-Two other quarterbacks who might get exposed today are Kellen Moore and Darron Thomas.

-Three late round QB’s to watch today are Austin Davis, B.J. Coleman, and Case Keenum

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