NFL Power Rankings

2016 Week 17 NFL Power Rankings – 1/3/16:

1- New England Patriots  14-2

The AFC playoffs look to be all New England now.

2- Dallas Cowboys 13-3
Dallas fans got to see Romo play for them one last time most likely.

3- Kansas City Chiefs 12-4
I think if Justin Houston plays like he did in Denver they have a chance to beat Pats.  Small chance.

4- Atlanta Falcons 11-5
Going into playoffs looking strong but this is the Falcons.

5- New York Giants 11-5
McAdoo took a chance and we have to say it paid off sending Skins home.

6- Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5
Did their game matter?  Dolphins may get the upset.

7- Green Bay Packers 10-6

Six weeks Rodgers went from big problem to possible MVP.  Should probably win it now.

8- Seattle Seahawks 10-5-1
I don’t see the Hawks making much noise this month.

9- Oakland Raiders 12-4

Great year just destroyed by Carr injury, so sad to see this happen.
10- Miami Dolphins 10-6

I think they go to Pittsburgh and pull off the upset.

11- Detroit Lions 9-7
Is Caldwell coaching for job?  Is Cooter the next coach?

12- Houston Texans 9-7
McGloin vs Savage in the playoffs!

13- Denver Broncos  9-7
Kubiak having to retire just isn’t fair.
14- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-7
Late season losses costs them.  Probably rather see them play in Seattle.
Blew golden opportunities the past two weeks after strong run.

15- Tennessee Titans 9-7
Have to call it a solid year even without playoffs.

16- Baltimore Ravens 8-8

Steve Smith a hall of famer?  I think it’s too tough of a position in the end to make it right away.
17- Arizona Cardinals 7-8-1
Not where they expected to be.

18- Washington Redskins 8-7-1

Really disappointing end for Skins.  Failed to show up twice at home.

19- New Orleans Saints 7-9
By the time you are reading this will Payton still be there?
20- Philadelphia Eagles 7-9
Zach Ertz won me some money!
21-Indianapolis Colts 7-9

Does Pagano stay?  More importantly, does Grigson?

22- Minnesota Vikings 8-8

Crazy season for the Vikings.  Look like Super Bowl favorites two months ago.

23- Cincinnati Bengals 6-9-1
Marvin stays still?

24- Carolina Panthers 6-10
Not the season they expected.

25- Buffalo Bills 7-9

Is Anthony Lynn really the guy?

26- New York Jets 5-11
Not they have to work on finding a QB.

27- Jacksonville Jaguars 3-13
Find a good coach and QB and they can win quick.  Easier said than done.

28- Chicago Bears 3-13
Fox should stay.  Making a change now is too quick.

29- San Diego Chargers 5-11
No surprise McCoy is gone.

30- St Louis Rams 4-12
Horrible season.  Just horrible.

31-San Francisco 49ers 2-14

Did the right thing in firing Baalke.

32- Cleveland Browns 1-15

Now they have to hit on their many draft picks.