Ranking The Best Super Bowl Performances Of All Time

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The last Super Bowl we witnessed, between the Rams and the Bengals, was one hell of a game. We can’t wait for the next one, everyone is itching to welcome in the fresh NFL season, and eagerly find out who the next Super Bowl contenders will be. 


The NFL lines are sure to be getting a lot of attention when the time comes, but sadly, it is still quite a way off, and we are all twiddling our thumbs, waiting. So, in the meantime let’s tickle your football fancies.


The Super Bowl is great, but when most people talk about the best performances, they’re thinking of the half-time show! But, for us, we want to look at the players and teams who performed best.


Which players wowed us? Kept us glued to the screen? Biting our nails wondering if we made the right wager?


Time to look back at the moments that left us in shock and awe.


The Best Performances Ever! 


So many people watch the Super Bowl for the ads, the halftime show, its general commercialization. However, there are moments that keep us fascinated even when they are just the game. 


Sure, some games can be a bit dull, without a huge amount of drama, but sometimes, drama fills the field. All thanks to one player alone. That’s what we will look at today. 


#1. Super Bowl XXIII – By Jerry Rice


Jerry Rice is the GOAT, there is no doubt about that. He is even greater than Brady. This is mainly because he is the best pass-catcher we ever did see. 


On this occasion, he performed like a dream against the Bengals. They couldn’t figure out how to get him to slow down. Rice finished that game with a touchdown, 11 receptions, and 215 yards. 


Of course, Montana also did well in this game, however Rice had to launch a comeback in order to beat him, and it was only him who could do it. 


#2. Super Bowl LI – By Tom Brady


Next up is Brady of course. Brady has a known legend and overall he is the GOAT. There was a huge deficit that Brady and the Patriots had to deal with in this game. 


The comeback which was engineered by Brady was incredible, but it was a total comeback by the whole team, and every part of Brady’s plan had to go perfectly for them to come back from a deficit as high as 25 points. 


An early pick-six thrown by Brady upped the level in this game, and he ended up stealing the game away, with 2 touchdowns, and 466 yards, not to mention the most impressive comeback ever seen in the history of the NFL. 


#3. Super Bowl XXIX – By Steve Young


Young gave an outstanding performance in this game, but there was no one reason that stood out the most. The game was his opportunity to emerge from the shadow of Montana. 


The 49ers were favored, while the Chargers were the underdogs., so Young had a lot to prove. 


However, Young didn’t just win the Super Bowl for his team, he also gave off an incredible postseason performance, one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen with our own eyes. 


The 49ers were rolling towards a victory of 49 to 26, but Young was not done yet. He passed 325 yards and gained 6 touchdowns. Which is only one short of a record for touchdowns scored in a game, period. 


#4. Super Bowl XVIII – By Marcus Allen 


Some might say that the Raiders made their game against Washington look like a cakewalk, since they won 38-9. However, Allen did not have the best time getting through the defensive lines. The Redskins had the most solid defense after all. 


An insane 74 yard burst drove Allen to make it, and in turn make Washington’s defense not seem so impenetrable. 


He made 20 carries, 191 yards, and 2 whole touchdowns, 18 yards and 2 receptions. 


#5. Super Bowl XXXIV – By Kurt Warner


Warner was the starting quarterback of the Rams when Super Bowl XXXIV started, but he wasn’t in this position at the start of the season. He started off as a backup, But, he ended up finishing the season as a first-team All Pro, and he made his name known. 


Warner made a mark in history when he faced the Tennessee Titans in this big game. 


The game was very back and forth between the two teams, but Warner was most dominant. He finished a good 24 of 45 yards for a record of 414 yards, no interceptions and 2 touchdowns. 


He was also named to be the Super Bowl MVP for such an epic performance on the field. 


His performance would have probably been better recognized if it wasn’t for the game-defining tackle by Mike Jones on the final play. 


Thinking About The Best


There have been endless great moments in Super Bowls, but sometimes it is just one person who can change everything, or one person and a great team. Maybe we will get to see that again this year. 

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