Top 5 NFL Trades That Happened During The 2022 Postseason

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This year’s off-season has been pretty hectic in comparison to previous years. It is hard to make the case that all the volatility we have seen could have been predicted. 


We cannot foresee the movement of star players as much as we have this season, and trades have certainly been up. It has been a kind of chaos that we are just not used to seeing in the league. 


Time will surely tell if this kind of swapping around with trades will soon become the new normal, but we are also intrigued to see what this will bring about for this season and the sports betting lines we can expect to see as we go into the 2022 regular season in the future. 


The Top Trades Of 2022 Postseason 


It will be intriguing to see what all these trades bring about in the next season, there have been many ‘blockbuster’ shifts in the league of late and many are hoping all these moves will improve their chances of making it to the Championships at the end of the season. 


However, not everyone will be pleased with what happens, and only one franchise will be able to take home the Super Bowl. 


So, now is the best time for us to go over the major trades we have seen, and what they might mean in the months to come. 


#1. Deshaun Watson


First up we have Deshaun Watson, drafted by Texas for 2022 Rounds 1 and 4 picks Round 1 and 3 picks in 2023, and Rounds 1 and 4 in 2024. 


This trade is at the top of our list simply because it is pretty much impossible for people to get their hands on a great quarterback entering their prime. 


So this is a unique thing we are seeing here. Of course, we want to see what happens with the sexual misconduct allegations against Watson, however Cleveland did give away a ton of draft picks to put Watson under center.


#2. Russell Wilson


Then we have Wilson who was traded by the Seahawks, he was traded for Quarterback Drew Lock, Tight End Noah Fant and Defensive End Shelby Harris, as well as 1st, 2nd, and 5th round picks in 2022, and 1st and 2nd round picks in 2023. 


Wilson will upgrade the Broncos to being scarily good, they are also topped up to the brim with young talent. 


They have gifted receivers, a strong running roster, and a defense more loaded than a plate of dirty fries. Adding in Wilson to this cacophony of skill is very promising for the Broncos future.


#3. Tyreek Hill


Then we have Tyreek Hill. He was traded by the Chiefs for round 1st, 2nd and 4th picks in the 2022 draft as well as 4th and 6th round picks in 2023. 


This was a unique deal, and it really affected both franchises equally. The Chiefs lost an epic wide receiver, but the Dolphins gave Tua Tagovailoa a reason to up his game even further. 


Hill is going to give the Miami defensive team a reason to get more hardcore. He gives a downfield threat, a tool to use during pre-snap and a man on the field who can be lethal on sweeps and reverses too


#4. Khalil Mack


Next up is Mack, he was traded by the Bears for a 2nd round pick in 2022 and a 6th round pick in 2023. 


The Chargers really needed to up their game in their defense, and this is why Mack made our list. The Chargers were having a lot of issue stopping runs last year, and this is where it will make the biggest difference. He can be the counterpart to Joey Bosa. 


He might have skeptics around his foot surgery that kept him out of the game a lot last year, but he still had 6 sacks before this caused any issues. 


#5. Davante Adams


Finally, we look at Adams. He was traded by the Packers for 1st and 2nd round picks in 2022. The Raiders did get a great deal by snagging Adams, who is probably the best WR in football. 


He will immediately take any offensive roster to a whole new level. In his last 4 seasons with the Packers he got 100 receptions at least, 11 touchdowns, and 1,300 yards. Now, he can do the same for the Raiders, and hopefully they will see just how worth it, it was to get him.

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