Top 5 Best Power Backs in the NFL History

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NFL fans tune in, it’s the power back reflection time. The NFL history is packed with fascinating moments to reflect on. There’s always something to satisfy your sports craving. Most of these epic moments we owe to the power running backs.


We’ve decided to take the challenge and single out the 7 best power backs in NFL history to give credits to the sports masterminds and raise our expectations for the upcoming seasons.


Although today the power running backs are becoming rare in football, the NFL has the record of some impressive names that could easily take your breath away. Our picks may not be the greatest of all time, but they are certainly all-time favorites.


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While American Football League trends tend to change, the power back reputation remains the same. They have always been known as the players that hold power and strength to get the decisive yards.


Without further introduction let’s jumpstart on the RB power rankings in sports history.


Jim Brown

The former American football fullback was among the legends of NFL history to wear the Cleveland Browns uniform. Jim Brown has remained in sports history as the best NFL player for a good reason. He has a wealth of successful seasons under his belt to claim the status.


Among other achievements, Brown had some groundbreaking records when he retired.  He successfully carried the ball 2,359 times for 12,312 rushing yards and 106 touchdowns. Brown’s average per game was 104.3 rushing yards. He was the only one in NFL history that managed to average over 100 rushing yards per game during his whole career. No wonder he was named MVP three times, was a Pro Bowl invitee every season he played in the league and was named the AP NFL Most Valuable Player several times. His glorious years in the NFL were hard to overperform and left their mark on the history of sports.


Jim Taylor

NFL’s second-leading rusher and 10-season-favorite Jim Taylor was a prominent Green Bay Packers fullback from 1958 through 1966 and part of the New Orleans Saints in 1967. Back then Taylor played the same years as Jim Brown. Although in two different NFL teams, these were the most mainstream names in football during that period.


They were often compared, although Brown was much faster and, arguably, a better runner, thus he ensured himself the status of the greatest back in the NFL rankings. Their matchups were always epic, and you could clearly feel that Tayler was putting a lot of effort into leading the Packers to victory. He managed to bring wins during three of their head-to-head rivalries, outrushing Brown in the two matches.


Years with the Packers were quite fruitful for Taylor. Among other things he had five straight Pro Bowl invitations, and snagged the title of the NFL MVP. He was known to be quite the trash talker and displayed aggressive behavior during his games. If you’re an NFL fan you probably know him as one of the league’s toughest players. Together with his teammates, Taylor made the Packers one of the most balanced teams of that time with a deadly attack.


John Riggins

John Riggins aka. the Diesel is another legendary NFL fullback we need to give proper credits to. He was creating history for the New York Jets and Washington Redskins. If you’re an old hand in American football you probably don’t need an introduction to his powerful running style. He had the ability to adjust from play to play and carried the ball a lot. The former New York Jets and Washington Redskins star used to claim that carrying the ball enabled him to feel what the defence was doing. From his career, you can clearly see that his tactics were working just fine. He could read the defence like no one else.


Riggins stayed for 175 games in 14 seasons with both teams. The 230 pounds and 6’2 running back was the one to rush for an NFL single-season record 24 touchdowns. He sadly managed to earn only one Super Bowl appearance during his career. In the postseason Riggins claimed the title of the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XVII. He managed to rush for 166 yards in a 27-17 win and brought one touchdown for the Washington Redskins.

Larry Csonka


Another NFL reflection must-have name is the former Miami Dolphins star, Larry Csonka. Although he also played for the New York Giants for three years, most of his sports career Csonka was in Miami Dolphins.


Larry was known to be a full speed, straight-ahead runner. His style and speed earned him not only ten broken noses but also in his career. Back then the Dolphins had one of the best rushing attacks. Years with the Dolphins were exceptional for Larry’s career. He had his contribution to the team’s perfect season with a 17-0 outcome in 1972, won the Super Bowl championships, and was named the Super Bowl MVP after his record 145 yards run.

Earl Campbell

The Tyler Rose granted us some impressive moments during his years in the Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints. Earl Campbell was quite the tackle-breaker back in his time. His aggressive and pushing running style made him one of the best power backs in the NFL history.


Among Campbell’s career highlights were that he was recognized as NFL’s MVP, All-pro and Rookie of the Year. Campbell was picked for the Pro Bowl five times of his first six NFL seasons.


Thanks to these American football masterminds, the sport’s history has some epic moments we can still reflect on. The NFL history has propelled the league to a whole new level. Among other things, it’s also one of the most bet on events in sports betting every season.



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