Insight into the Career of the Three Best NFL Players

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Who is the best player in the National Football League (NFL) there are a lot of talented players in the sport but there is one player that shines out the most amongst the other NFL players. Considering all the varied players and playing styles in the course of NFL, many people will have their different opinion on the best player throughout the sport and it’s hard to argue with this statement because there are many options for different people like there is for any other sport like tennis or football for example, however, within in this article, we look into the career of the all-time great throughout the history of NFL and hopefully agree with the player mentioned below.


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The All Time NFL Great is…


Tom Brady (Patriots, Year 2,000 – Current) – Tom Brady is living proof that when it comes to the quarterback position in the NFL, soft skills matter far more than pure talent. Let’s have a look at Brady’s accomplishments: A total of five championships in the Super Bowl, four MVP awards, two NFL MVPs, and 12 appearances to the Pro Bowl. But here’s something much more amazing: With the exception in 2008, when he was injured in Week 1 and was unable to play the remainder of the season, Brady has appeared in 16 seasons of the National Football League (not including 2017). In his 16 seasons in the NFL, Brady has participated in seven Super Bowls.


In other words, he’s played in the Super Bowl in nearly half of the seasons in the NFL. You can’t deny that he’s a champion, whether you like him or not. In his NFL career, Tom Brady has won the AFC East 14 times (a record in the league) and has a win-loss record of 214 to 63. Quite impressive for someone who went undrafted in the 2000 NFL Draft and ended up playing in the NFL for the first time.



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