NFL Football filled with drama, unpredictability and passion

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Football is certainly the most popular sport across America and continues to grow in respect to fandom every day. NFL (National Football League), since its commencement in 1920in Canton, Ohio, remains the number Uno, professional football league. Sunday without NFL is dull, flaccid to many football fans. The league witnessed many trials and turbulence but continues to delight the audience with the same zest and jazz. Here are some reasons for the continuing popularity of the NFL.


Sunday is thrilling

The NFL league makes Sunday more thrilling, exhilarating; fans across the US eagerly wait for the day to come. The fans are interested in every match, even if their home team is not playing because the result influences their favorite team’s league position. Every team has to play sixteen matches in the confederation; each loss gives another team an advantage. Monday night football is another attraction; sometimes games are scheduled on Thursday and Saturday.



The rivalry, competition, and challenge make a sport interesting, appealing. The rivalry between Red Sox and Yankees, Black Hawk and Red Winds make the baseball so absorbing, stimulating, keep the audience engrossed and engage. But in NFL, this competition between Red Skins vs. Giants, Chiefs vs. Raiders is phenomenal, exceptionally aggressive. In football, this contest is more intense than other sports, as it is a full-contact game. This challenge motivates the teams to give their best, which sparks the audience also.


Flair at its best

The NFL players are outstandingly athletic with immense skill, talent, and versatility in the same position, making the game so thrilling. It is quite impressive and moving when a player hurls the football eighty to ninety yards down the field, directly to the receiver.NFL is full of twists and turns, the athletic feat performed by players arise jaw-dropping experience in the audience.


Coaching skill

There is a woman behind every successful man; behind every successful team, there is a coach. The strategic mind, elaborate planning of the coach paves the way for the success of the team. Football is like a game of chess, the coach not only formulates his team’s strategy but gauge, weigh the footprints of the opponent. Coaching is like the game of chess, the epitome of strategy making. It is fun and fascinating to watch how a coach draws a plan to gain the upper hand week after week.

The grand finale


No sporting event comes closer to the glamour and grandness of the Super Bowl. In the gala finale, the best two teams compete against each other, and around 111.3 million people across watch every move, every step of the game. Apart from the action-packed moments of the game, the impressive, amusing show during the halftime will keep you entertained, engaged.

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