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The NFL is halfway through the regular season as the battle for the Playoff spots intensifies. With no fans allowed in the stadiums yet you follow the games by watching it on TV. But with 32 teams and a lot of games per week it can be hard to keep track of when and where you can watch the action live. With Livesportsontv.com you’ll have a complete TV-schedule only for sports. Every single game from the NFL that’s being broadcasted on TV or stream will be shown in the schedule along with the correct channel. Get the most out of your NFL season by using this TV-schedule!


The NFL on TV and stream

It’s a somewhat different NFL season we’re experiencing. No fans, no international games and a cancelled Pro Bowl are all things that we’ve adapted to and that we hope to avoid until next season. So far, no games have had to be cancelled and the regular season will run as usual until the beginning of 2021 when the postseason starts.


With the risk of no fans allowed in the stadiums this season it’s even more important to know where you can watch the games live on TV or stream. If you’re watching from USA or Canada, Livesportsontv.com is the service for you. Works like any other TV-schedule but focus purely on live sports. Don’t let your weekend get ruined by a late change of channel or starting time, with this TV-schedule you’ll always be updated with the latest broadcasting information.


A look ahead to Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl LV will be the 55th edition and also a very different one. What’re usually the Super Bowl trademarks will not be the same as there’re no half time shows, no national anthem performances and perhaps no fans in the stadium.


9th-10th Jan – Wild Card Round

16th-17th Jan – Divisional Round

24th Jan – Championship Games

7th Feb – Super Bowl LV


The Super Bowl LV is planned to take place on the 7th of February at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The stadium has a capacity of 65 000 and was opened in 1998. This will be the third time that the Super Bowl is played at Raymond James Stadium, previous in 2001 and 2009.


Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium

2001 – Baltimore Ravens vs New York Giants 34-7

2009 – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals 27-23


Green Bay Packers is the most successful team with 13 NFL titles, though they’ve only managed to win four of them during the Super Bowl era. Since the Super Bowl was introduced it’s the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers who’ve won the most championships, 6. The New England Patriots have been playing in four of the last six Super Bowl, making them one of the most dominant sides in recent years. Tom Brady, now playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has won six Super Bowl trophies. That’s more than any other player has achieved.


All major sports in one TV-schedule

It’s not only NFL fans who will find Livesportsontv.com useful. In the TV-schedule you’ll also find popular leagues as NHL, MLB, NBA and MLS. Instead of spending time on searching through different websites to find the right channel or stream for your game, you’ll have everything gathered at the same place with this guide. Channels and streaming services from both USA and Canada will be displayed in the guide along with a short information about the game you want to see.


NHL – The NHL season is normally played between October and April. Next season, 2020/21, will start sometime after the 1st January. Exactly how the season will be played and for how long it’s going to last is not decided. There are 31 teams and every team play 82 games each during the regular season. After the regular season is finished 16 teams proceed to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, played in a best-of-seven-games format.


MLS – The MLS season usually starts in the end of February or beginning of March. The regular season runs until October when the MLS Cup Playoffs starts. For the 2021 season there will be an addition to the list of 26 teams in the league as Austin FC joins the MLS. The 14 best teams after the regular season advance to the MLS Cup Playoffs where they face each other in a knock-out format. The higher seeded team always gets the advantage of playing at home in the MLS Cup.


NBA – The NBA consists of 30 teams, 29 from USA and 1 from Canada. The basketball league is seen as the best in the world. Therefore, the NBA champions usually titles themselves world champions after winning the NBA final. The regular season normally runs from October to April. After the regular season is played, 82 games per team, it’s time for the Playoffs which usually ends in June.


MLB – 30 teams compete in the MLB, Major League Baseball. The league is home to the world’s best baseball players and has been played since 1903. Most successful team is the New York Yankees with 27 titles. The teams play 162 games each during the regular season. The Playoffs ends with a final series between the two best teams, a game series named MLB World Series.


With LivesportsOnTV.com you will never have to ask yourself the question: Which network is showing tonight’s game? Whether it is NBA, NHL, NFL or MLB, Livesportsontv.com has got you covered!



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