Gearing Up for Your NFL Fantasy League? 5 Strategy Points to Consider

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The football season is rapidly approaching, and although things may be different for the 2020/2021 season, one aspect hasn’t changed – fantasy leagues.

You often come across different tips and pointers on how to pick the best fantasy league to increase your chances of winning the year. While all great, why not dive into strategies first? Selecting a strategy can keep you organized and on track, rather than jumping back and forth and non of your picks make sense.

Ready for a killer year in fantasy football? We have five strategy points for you to consider.


Check Out Power Rankings

What are power rankings? Basically, it’s picking the top teams of the season. For example, these NFL power rankings in 2020 indicate the Kansas City Chiefs being the top NFL team.

Do power ranking stats indicate you should only select those players or that it’s a guarantee they’ll win? No, however, it’s an excellent area to start with.

Go Running Back Heavy

Running backs are a huge part of a solid team. Although they’re not the only players who make up a winning team, they do provide a lot for rushing the team forward.

A bonus perk for running backs is finding the ones who are also not bad at catching the ball. If you have a running back who can also fill the role of a wide receiver, you have an additional chance of that player getting the ball. That means you have more chances of getting more points.

Don’t Stress Over the Tight End

Now, this isn’t to say the tight end position isn’t worth your time drafting or that they don’t provide a whole lot to the team. However, compared to other positions like your quarterback, running back and wide receiver, it’s better to draft those guys first.

You often have a few tight ends who put up impressive numbers over the season. When that happens, the hype of the tight end skyrockets and people rush to draft him first. The tricky part is that this position can be volatile, meaning you never know if you’ll get consistent numbers.

Focus on Your Quarterback

The quarterback strategy is almost a no-brainer. It’s your quarterback that often leads the team and puts up the most points in a season. They are usually consistent with numbers from game to game, and you can almost guarantee they’ll help your fantasy team each week.

Make filling your quarterback position your first priority. Once you have your top guy, fill a few other positions and then go back to the quarterbacks and draft a backup. As amazing as a player as these guys can be, if they get injured, and you have no substitute, you can basically kiss this season goodbye.

Follow the CUDDY System

Have you heard of the CUDDY system? It stands for consistency, upside, durability, depth and youth. By building a team with this in mind, you’re more likely to have a well-rounded team that will be successful.


Will the five strategy points above guarantee you’ll have an epic fantasy team that will lead you to win the season? Not necessarily. It will, however, help you create a reliable fantasy team that will give you the best chance of coming out on top.



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