Will the NFL be another sport to return this season?

NFL Steve O Speak

Talks have continued to go on and on about whether we will see a return for the NFL this season. This all comes in the period of the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to endless sports events being cancelled and postponed. That includes the Olympic games, which were moved to the same period of 2021. That giving a further example of just how serious the situation has become.


That led to the NFL and all other sports organisations having to stop, with no date given as to when and if they would return this season. However, it does appear that the NFL is nearing a return has been welcomed by fans, who are now looking at NFL action to return. Fans can now click the link, and can look ahead to some Super bowl betting, with the Kansas City Chiefs as the outright favourites at present. This puts them ahead of the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, who are both well fancied for the Super bowl this season. It is little surprise that the Kansas City Chiefs head in as the favourites, as they are the defending champions of the Super bowl, following their 31-20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the final in 2019.


The NFL is of course one of them and are now expected to meet early this week in order to further cement plans of expected return dates. That means much needed clarity for NFL players and their sides, and whether they need to be returning to training camps ahead of finishing the season in some way. Terms will need to be agreed by the majority of those involved, which further adds to the difficulties in getting these plans in place. It also comes after players had recently held a call together last week, and provided information to them that an answer should be given this week on whether the NFL will be returning to save the current season.

What is clear is that players are pushing for no preseason games to take place and for testing to be taking place each and every day for those involved. This is to ensure safety at all times, but the league is against testing to this frequency and are also looking to push two preseason games to take place. These are all different issues that need to be ironed out.

It does now appear that the league is likely to proceed, with the option for players to opt-out of returning. This would lead to implications to their contracts, so is another issue to look at for sides. It now sets up for a fascinating period ahead and hopefully NFL can join the likes of the UFC, soccer and many other organisations world-wide in returning to action.


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