What Makes A Football Stadium Unique For Fans

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When the burly champions are contesting for victory, over 80,000 fans roar and cheer from the stadium. The current that flows in the veins, as they sit on the edge of their seats, waiting for one more goal, cannot be defined in words. For a true football enthusiast, the game is much more than players kicking around a ball in a large ground. It is the spirit of competition, the tension before the final goal, and the experience of a new match unfurling right in front of their eyes. While the audience sits in the stadium, it feels all the emotions equally, rejoices over the victory, and comes back stronger after a loss.


One can easily understand the intensity of emotions running through a football ground by looking at this graphic illustration by football betting site Betway. When the loudest of thunderclaps are recorded at 120dB, the loudest football stadium ever recorded was at 132dB. This was the Turk Telecom Arena Galatasaray.

Player’s Support

West Ham captain Alvin Martin is used to playing in jam-packed stadiums. But as the new norm of social gatherings has set in, even the game scenario is going to change. The West Ham captain shares his experience by saying, “To go from playing in a full stadium to playing behind closed doors is eerie.” He continues to say that the audiences are the ones that they play for. When a player is encouraged and supported, he performs the best, and only a live audience is capable of instilling that thrill.

Sing along chants

Undoubtedly, part of the stadium’s exquisite experience is in the sudden splurge of joy after one goal, or in creating human waves with hands. Singing along chants for the teams and watching them vie for the victory in every tournament is a unique experience. It is all about the passion of the audience, which is also reflected in the gameplay. Lean back on your seat, enjoy the crisps and wafers from the roaming stalls and celebrate a brilliant game. If possible, you can also come home with a new football buff friend.

You see it all

Did someone change the channel, and you missed that one goal you have been waiting for? Have you got another chore to finish at home? Even when you stay back for comfort and live coverage, your house tasks will never end. Thus, true football fans know the value of sitting in the stadium with thousands of football enthusiasts and enjoy the game. Once they get back from there, obviously they can boast of seeing it all and discuss it at length with other football fans.

Soaking in the atmosphere

The atmosphere of the stadium pumps up the mood of every football enthusiast. As the ball is snapped and thrown, it can be pitch silence or a roaring clamor of victory from the audience. Every heartbeat, the constant gaze at the scoreboard, eyeballs shifting from one player to another, this heartfelt experience loses its significance with a multi-camera view of live-streaming.


As the world suffers from a global pandemic, football fans are eagerly waiting to reenter the stadium and grab their seats to hours of enjoyment.



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