Football Chin Strap Buying Tips for Beginners

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Living in the US wouldn’t be complete without being immersed in the grand old sport of American football. If you’re a die-hard fan of football, you may be wondering where you can get a football chin strap for your own football helmet.


Check out these tips so you can track down a source for your football chin strap.


Why You Need to Buy a Football Chin Strap


Everyone who has engaged in a quick huddle-and-tussle knows that flying elbows and kicking knees can hit an opponent’s chin unexpectedly, causing some damage. For this reason, football enthusiasts have designed football helmets to accommodate football chin straps.


Who Needs It


Anyone who intends to play a serious game of football will need a new football chin strap at some point. Even young kids are into football nowadays so you may need to buy football chin straps for the youth in your family as well.


Take note that chin straps for kids have a different size than chin straps for teenagers and for adults. So, be sure to specify the size when you make inquiries.


What To Look For in Ideal Football Chin Strap


  1. Protection – Among the commonalities of the best chin strap for football players reviewed, the most important feature of all is the item’s ability to protect the chin of a football player from flying body parts.


As mentioned, even an unintentional blow can do serious damage to the chin.


  1. Durability – Naturally, you want your chin strap to last more than one practice game. So, if you’re shopping for a new one, check on the warranty because the chin strap ought to last for at least one season.


The straps themselves ought to be made of nylon so that they don’t tear apart from rough usage. The part that cups the chin may be made of some sterile foam while the shell that body parts hit can be made of durable material, like polycarbonate.


  1. Comfort – A comfortable chin strap that can also hold its own against hard knocks is one that’s most sought after.


  1. Secure – The last thing you want is for the chin strap to disconnect in the middle of the game. So, you need a chin strap that’s securely fastened to your helmet before you go into the field.


Check the connection with the helmet just to be certain.


  1. Easy to Care For – You definitely need to factor this in because every player gets dirty and sweaty, even during a practice game. So, be sure to ask how the chin strap you want to buy can be cleaned.


The strap should have parts that are removable for easy washing, but can easily be assembled back for use with the helmet.


Where To Buy a Good Football Chin Strap


  • Go online – There are many online stores that sell good football chin straps for players of various ages. The problem is finding out which ones are reputable.


Be sure they already have a sound reputation as a source of sports equipment (plus they have clear directions about shipping and delivery options). Always make sure there’s a money-back guarantee or perhaps a warranty.


  • Check sporting goods stores in real time – Instead of ordering one online, you can also try on different chin straps from various stores to see how well they fit. This way, you can see for yourself if the product seems tough enough for a scrimmage. You can also buy for the entire team when necessary.


One possible problem is that they might not keep the right sizes in stock.


  • Yard sales – If you don’t mind buying stuff second-hand, this is a fun way to go about buying a good chin strap. Be sure to ask why the owner is selling their chin strap though.


Check for possible weak points in the strap especially if it seems to have gone through a lot of usage already. Take note that you don’t get a warranty with your purchase, too.


Final Thoughts


Some people don’t feel complete without being able to engage in a quick game of football with their best buddies. Make sure you’re using a good chin strap on your helmet for protection.


A reliable football chin strap should allow you to play a dynamite game without worrying too much about a quick blow to the chin area. Your ideal chin strap should be protective, durable, comfortable, secure, and also easy to care for.


You can easily buy your replacement chin strap either online or at real-time sporting goods stores.


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