How ticket discounts for students affect football popularity

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The discounts we get from being students are proven to be invaluable, considering the many expenses undergrads have to deal with. The student ID is not only a security pass that lets you gain access to the facilities on campus. It also helps reduce the cost of goods and services purchased by a student. You can get price reductions on several products such as Apple laptops and phones, sites like Amazon, Shopify, Airbnb, Greyhound. Other benefits include reduced flight and hotel rates, discounts on fast-food bills, sporting events, etc.

A Large Percentage Of Football Fans Are College Students

Watching sports is a favorite and pleasurable pastime common among all classes of people; college students are no exception. The most active and vibrant set of individuals with devoted curiosity towards sports can be found among youth. Student discounts give college undergraduates reductions on ticket fees, thereby attracting a large number of this class of people to watch games. Major clubs around the world understand this and have already utilized this to great advantage.

For most high schoolers, this is the part of college that gives them the oomph! Getting a student discount and maxing it out on shopping opportunities is one of the many small pleasures of college life. High school students should, therefore, strive to gain admission into the college to enjoy this offer. To achieve this, there are reliable websites, such as, that help students write compelling admission essays online. These essay writing services do not only benefit those seeking admission, but college students also enjoy them, regardless of their discipline and level. You can save time by getting free essays and using writing services online.

Clubs Earn More From Student-Exclusive Discounts

As stated above, the vast majority of fervent football fans consists of college students. Knowing this, major football clubs like Barcelona, Chelsea, etc. state and even college clubs have special discounts for students with some going as much as 15% off.

Clubs understand that reducing the price of tickets for students who go to football games would attract massive crowds and loyal fans due to exclusive discounts. This strategy ultimately increases their revenue in the long run.

Discounted Tickets Give Students the Satisfaction of Watching a Live Game

Another reason while clubs give ticket discounts to collegians is the fact that they intend to promote the physical and mental health. Clubs like Salford city, amongst many others, give cuts to local universities to make tickets affordable for students. Students who are looking to unwind and ease off the school stress and pressure from school while relaxing and watching the games. He said: “We all know that the positive physical and mental wellbeing of humans is essential. We are not just solely after generating revenue but are also interested in helping people get out, and get some fresh air. We do all this by providing affordable tickets for those who go to football games.”

More and More Tickets for Sale

In America, college football is among three most-watched sports in the country after the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB). According to statistics obtained from Reference., over 200 million people watch college football, when taking consideration of those who watch on television, through live streaming online and those who go to football games.

Getting discounts on tickets for sporting events, especially football, causes a very high demand for ticket sales. For example, in Penn state university, the purchase of more than two tickets per game by collegians is not allowed. At the University of Florida, students are limited to one ticket per away game. In a more severe case, like as seen in the University of Georgia, because of the intense competition, people looking for secure tickets must enter a lottery to have their names selected as winners to purchase a ticket. Failure to buy the ticket within a specific limited time would lead to a forfeiture.

In the University of Michigan, the college administration is taking another initiative using a Pell Grant to reduce the price of tickets for students who meet the eligibility criteria. U of m football ticketing model has remained the same for over five years. This shows just how much the administration is meticulous in trying to retain price rate and affordability for those who go to football games. The umich cost attendance for football remains $175, while the Federal Pell Grant eligible candidates pay a discounted fee of $105. These tickets are also on sale online.

Associate Athletic Director for External Communications and Public Relations, Kurt Svoboda, when talking about the u of m football tickets said, “we believe that the added purchasing window for the year 2019 will help the education of students concerning the demand and availability of season tickets. Besides, our improved need-based ticketing has provided an avenue for the enjoyment of games by all U-M collegians with a record of over 2,800 transactions to date.”

Football is here to stay, and the love for the sport keeps waxing stronger and stronger, fueling massive love for the game among college undergraduates. The joy felt, and the reason for increasing football popularity is the access to discounted tickets for live watchers.



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