NFL’s extremely generous players

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Most people know that NFL players make big bucks, especially star players. It’s typical for even an average player who isn’t a starter to make six figures per year, and guys with top talent can rake in tens of millions of dollars in just one season alone. There are loads of things that NFL players can do with their earnings including buying luxury property and homes, increasing their income by playing at the Royal Vegas casino, taking expensive trips to exotic locales, swathing themselves with lavish jewelry, increasing their and snatching up the latest designer fashions. While there’s nothing wrong with these things, some pro football players dedicate a large portion of their time and money to make the world around them a better place.


Star Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has a reputation on the field for being a tough player, but he’s also one of the most charitable in the NFL. In 2011 alone he donated $2.6 million to the University of Nebraska, the college that he attended. He followed that up in 2013 with a $250,000 donation to his former high school, Portland, Oregon’s Grant High School. He’s started his own foundation, the Ndamukong Suh Family Foundation, which has worked with a number of organizations to benefit disadvantaged people.


As a Superbowl winning quarterback and the younger brother of living legend Peyton Manning, Eli Manning has been in the spotlight for a long time. He’s always used his stardom for good, including raising $2.5 million for the Eli Manning Children’s Clinics. He and his brother attended Ole Miss, and Eli has donated more than $1 million to his alma mater. Other charities that the generous player has supported during his career include the American Red Cross, Phoenix House, St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters, and the March of Dimes.


Another NFL quarterback is so generous in giving his time and resources to charities that he was given an award: Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers player was the recipient of the 2014 Athletes in Action/Bart Starr Award, which is given to players who embody leadership on and off the field and display great character. Rodgers played celebrity Jeopardy and raised $50,000 to combat childhood cancer, and he also works with nonprofits throughout the year to use his image to raise much needed funds to support their efforts.


One of the most famous players in the entire league is Tom Brady. Hate him or love him, the guy has given millions to great causes. Even when he’s paid to speak at events, he often donates the fee that he would’ve earned back to the organizations or to a nonprofit. Along with his wife, they’ve done a great deal of good for groups around the world.


Interestingly enough, it’s not uncommon for NFL players to host and attend fundraisers with casino themes. The players gather at these events to support wonderful organizations and causes, but to win big they could always try their hand at Royal Vegas Australia online pokies. With all of their generosity and awesome deeds, who could blame these guys for having a bit of fun?


The NFL and its teams encourage players and staff to give back to the community, and it shows. These men provide an inspiring example of just how much good can be done when celebrity athletes publicly support worthy charities and causes.



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