NFL Draft: Has Cleveland made a Good Move?

NFL Steve O Speak

Everyone was looking up for Cleveland and their draft prospects, however, plenty of folks are mocking Jimmy Haslem by saying he just stepped out of a restaurant and ran over this guy, a homeless guy and with the draft approaching, a simple is now being conveyed. That Manziel is a good match, who apparently, has parted himself out of the league as we all expected. With Browns sitting at No.26 in the first rounds, they have traded back in the NFL draft, trading a third-round pick to Philadelphia to move to No.22 and do as instructed by the dude “from the street.” For the sites offering NFL football picks, bettors see this as an advantage of the odds when they see such changes on the team.


Although Manziel has partied himself, Derek Carr and Teddy bridge-water have emerged to be good and high potential players perfect for the QB draft. On Wednesday, Cleveland pulled off a highly intelligent trade, which may be one of the best things the franchise had done since it reformed in Cleveland in 1999. They dealt their first-rounder No.2 in overall selection, plus the 2017 rounder to Philadelphia for the 2016 first –rounder, a third rounder, fourth rounder plus the 2017 first rounder and 2018 second rounder. They now possess one of the most intriguing pick, i.e., six top-100 picks this year, 2 first round next year and two second round in 2018.


Despite the recent signup, of Sam Bradford and Chase Daniels, the Eagles are still convinced of their ability. The verdict for their decision will be simple, and whoever they choose, he will have to develop a year behind Sam Bradford, who sources say might be cut or dealt after this season.


Many folks feel that the Cleveland is on some kind of a gamble, but they have been practical and pragmatic this time round. If there is one fact about NFL, other than what people would say ‘don’t take advice from a homeless dude’ is, if you aren’t sure of the QB, don’t take him, and this is how the Browns have had the previous 24 starting quarterbacks since 1999.


The newly acquired split first-team reps Robert Griffins was more than enough to convince the Browns not to get desperate for the quarterback or maybe Paul Depodesta work in the business world has convinced them not to, whichever the reason, their move is presumably smart.


The move will help, or can help reshape Browns entire roster. The question is, will Ronnie Stanley or Laremy Tunsil be around to replace the departed Mitchelle Schwartz, may be the defensive line such as Myles Jack or Vernon Hargreaves will help? The Browns will be better off, if they do something smarts about them, well, they have a chance to do that.


All that anyone would ask is competency, especially for a team with averaged 5-11 records since the year 1999, eight consecutive losing seasons, with one playoff appearance and no postseason victories at all during that time.


Many people feel that this was a long time grown-up move; it’s not about a street dude encouraging moving up the riskiest of the talents. This something fans, even the downtrodden of fan would agree, that for Cleveland, it’s a good day.



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