Fantasy Football and Sports Betting

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The rise in popularity of fantasy football and online betting is impossible to miss. Fantasy sports are no longer just for computer nerds. Leagues, teams, and media corporations are now getting involved, turning an already popular sports pastime into a multi-billion dollar industry. With online sports betting sites offering major prizes, NFL predications and fantasy football leagues have become more popular than ever, and that’s just what the media is hoping for.

With popular fantasy sites like Draft Kings receiving $300 million in investments from Fox Sports, Madison Square Garden, and the national leagues of baseball, hockey and soccer, fantasy football is no longer just a fun pastime. Fan Duel took in $275 million earlier this month from NBC Sports, Time Warner’s Turner Sports, Google, and Comcast as well. This is a smart marketing investment for media corporations who already know the numbers.


Understanding the Trend

Fantasy sports, particularly fantasy football, have been popular in mainstream America for years. And what has made it even more popular is that fantasy NFL betting is not illegal. Daily-fantasy matches are classified as games of skill, not chance, and are thus exempted from the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, the 2006 law passed before the daily model was even born. This makes it not only popular for sporting addicts but gamblers as well.

Today, more than 56 million people in North America are playing fantasy sports online. This gives professional sporting leagues a huge win. The sports and media world sees daily fantasy NFL predictions as a major target market, capable of attracting young, tech-happy sports fans: all who are willing and able to spend a little cash. The more people interested in fantasy NFL betting, the more people who will be watching.

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