Eight Tips To Win Any Fantasy Football Draft

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This is the time of year in which every football fan is preparing for the fantasy season. With fantasy football as popular as ever, people are playing in multiple leagues in multiple formats all season long. Any type of edge a person can get could end up winning a championship, so people are looking online for as many tips as possible. As long as you keep in mind these 10 tips, you are going to give yourself a chance to win.

Know the league format

This might seem like a given, but with so much fantasy out there, leagues can have different rules. By having different rules, certain positions can become more valuable. The most common rule change is points per reception, but look for all variables before the draft.

Wait on a quarterback

The NFL is a passing league, but that does not mean you need a franchise guy in the first round as far as fantasy goes. Instead, go after running backs and even wide receivers before getting your starting quarterback. At the earliest, Think about a quarterback in the second round. The third or fourth might actually be the best idea.

Stay away from older running backs

The age 30 season seems to be a pretty good cut off point for anyone looking to draft a running back. At that point, guys in the NFL have taken a few too many hits. If you are going to take a chance on the running back, get a young guy.

Backup options essential at running back

As you can tell from the tip above, the running back situation for each team can change at a moment’s notice. That is why it is important to build depth and have back up options at this position. It is not absolutely necessary to handcuff, but that is one tactic to use.

Get at least one top wide receiver

If you look at fantasy football rankings, there is a definite top-tier for a wide receivers. About 10 guys in the NFL right now are playing at a higher level. You will need depth in fantasy football, but it is important to have one true playmaker you can count on each week. Make sure you get at least one of these guys.

Wait on a tight end…unless his name is Gronkowski

Julius Thomas and Jimmy Graham have been standouts in a fantasy football for the last few years. However, both find themselves on different teams and without seasoned future Hall of Famers throwing them the football. That means their numbers could plummet, leaving Rob Gronkowski as the only sure thing at tight end. If you can’t land him, wait a while for your tight end.

Don’t be scared about early suspensions

If a player is missing early playing time because of a suspension, don’t hold that against him. He will be back for the most important games of the year. In fact, those going through suspension issues might be some of the best fantasy football sleeper picks two thousand fifteen out there.

Sometimes, go with your gut

There are so many rankings out there, a person could go mad. Everyone has a list of fantasy football sleeper picks 2015, plus an overall ranking for nearly every player in the league. Use those to get an idea, but don’t read them like gospel. It is fine to take a wide receiver a round earlier than projected if you really like him or think highly of him. After all, it is your team. Have fun.



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