Daily Fantasy Sports for New Players

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Daily Fantasy Sports are without a doubt the fastest growing segment in the sports fan world, and shows the potential to overtake its predecessor the season long fantasy leagues, which is a $4 billion dollar industry.

The success of the online sites for DFS has also resulted in several Las Vegas sportsbooks considering adding DFS competitions to their offerings on a regular basis.
The DFS explosion is also bring a lot of new players into the game. Many of those are casual sports fans who are drawn by the reports of huge paydays for one day of play. Others are more serious sports fans who simply do not have the time to make a season long commitment. Seasoned and professional gamblers looking to take advantage of the frequent overlays and often less experienced new players are also part of the growing DFS player pool.
DFS players taking home more than six figures annually are becoming fairly common; players earning ten to twenty times their investment happen daily.

Jake Sanders, a 38 year old “normal guy” who helps with his family business in Edina, MN, is a sports fan and DFS player that has won almost $500,000 playing. He describes DFS as a puzzle and tells new players the best way to play is to study daily and to make pay small buy-in events every day to “get your feet wet.”

For the novice DFS player one way to look at the sport is to compare it to familiar casino games like poker or playing online roulette. Players need to look at the return on their buy in. Poker tournaments which offer a four figure payday for a $5.00 investment are considered great value. Just as in roulette you have to strike a balance between big payouts and increasing your odds of winning. Playing it “safe”, the equivalent of betting black/red or even/odd on roulette may allow you to grind out a profit, but will not result in a significant addition to your bankroll.

Guidelines for new DFS players

Know the rules – Just as you would not sit down at any casino table without knowing the rules of the game, make sure you understand the site rules for tournaments and specials. While the rules are fairly consistent and easy to understand don’t make assumptions than can cost you. Reading the rules only takes a few minutes and is time well spent.

Know the terms – DFS, like most games, has a language of its own. While many of the terms are fairly straightforward, take a few minutes to make sure you understand the terms.
Do your research – Research is the single most important aspect of DFS. First you want to research the various sites to see which one suits your style of play and your interests best. You want to spend time every night researching players and team information. You will want to look at transaction and injury reports, the weather, and the prize pool information for that upcoming DFS events. Sports news sites and sports news and talk shows should be a part of your daily reading and listening.



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