2023 Senior Bowl Wrap-up

NFL Draft

*This is a combined outlook on players who helped themselves between practice and the game



  • With Hendon Hooker unable to participate this was probably the weakest group of QBs we’ve seen at the Senior Bowl in some time. Hooker did measure well, and got a headstart on talking with teams, assuring them that he could recover from his injury. It’s possible he ends up the biggest beneficiary from the QB group.
  • Among QBs who did play throughout the week the two best options were Jake Haener and Jaren Hall. Haener was probably the most consistent throughout the week, and did have a solid game day, winning MVP honors. Hall had an inconsistent week of practice and opted not to play in the game. When he was on, you could see the arm talent worthy of a top 100 selection. Unfortunately, he also showed times that he still profiles as a backup QB at best.
  • There wasn’t a lot to get excited about among the rest of the prospects. Tune and Duggan should both get drafted on Day 3 of the draft, but they don’t have much upside. Tyson Bagent held his own as a Division II player, but at best he’s a 7th-round project. He’s much more likely to be an undrafted free agent.

Running backs:

  • This group lacked an elite back, but that is typically the case with Senior Bowl RBs. This group of backs was very deep and saw a lot of positives despite the fact that we might be lucky to see one of them in the top 100 picks. Despite that, I think there are multiple contributing backs from this group, with one or two who could end up as starters.
  • Chase Brown and Kenny McIntosh came in as probably the highest-rated backs and both had strong showings. Brown continues to show a nice burst and vision, and I could see him earning a starting role quickly at the NFL level. McIntosh continues to showcase his athletic ability, and was solid throughout the week.
  • Tyjae Spears and Evan Hull probably helped themselves the most this week. Hull was okay throughout the week of practice but came up big in the game averaging 7 yards per carry. Spears was one of the stars of the practice week, showcasing his quickness and running ability on multiple reps. In a deep running back class it’s tough to know exactly how much this raised their stock, but they put out good tape for NFL teams to fall back on.

Wide Receivers:

  • Overall this was a good group of receivers at the Senior Bowl this year. Likely there wasn’t a round 1 option, but that generally is the case. Typically the area where we see Senior Bowl receivers drafted is the 2nd-4th round range and this year should be no exception.
  • Rashee Rice and Nathaniel Dell were two of the higher rated WRs coming into the week. Rice had probably a quieter week than he would have liked, but he still caught the ball well and ran good routes. He has good size and speed to begin with, but he didn’t wow as much as many were expecting. Overall still a positive week for him as he got the chance to play vs some better competition. Dell size was his biggest question mark coming in, and it probably remains that as he exits the week. He’s just under 5’9″ so he won’t fit into ever scheme/role, but his weight was better than his listed weight at Houston, so that is a plus. What Dell lacks in size he makes up for in playmaking ability. He’s exceptionally quick and gets separation easily.
  • I think Andrei Iosivas from Princeton helped himself, by showing that the size and speed are legit and can translate to the next level. He still has a ways to go to be a complete receiver. Overall the player who helped themselves the most was Michael Wilson from Stanford. He didn’t have a lot of college production, but he showed right away that he has what it takes to be an NFL receiver. Good size and speed, and his route running was very impressive. He also had a big TD catch in the game that helped him.

Tight Ends:

  • This is one of the best TE years in the draft in quite some time, and that paid off here at the Senior Bowl as there was some real talent to work with this week.
  • Luke Musgrave was a major question mark entering this week after missing most of the season due to injury. He answered any lingering injury concerns, and established himself as one of the top TEs in this draft class. His size and catching ability will evoke some Gronk/Kelce comparisons. This was a major hurdle for Musgrave, and one that he cleared no problem. He is definitely in the mix for a top 50 pick right now, and could be a 1st rounder.
  • Though lost in the shuffle some, Cameron Latu, Payton Durham, and Davis Allen all had solid weeks as well. All three could be 3rd-4th round options, and have a floor of being a good number 2 TE, with some starting upside.

Offensive Line:

  • Offensive Line was by far the strongest group heading into this week, and remained that throughout the week of practice. Between 12-15 of these guys could hear their name called in the top 100 selections this year, and many will be Day 1 starters. Even some that don’t crack the top 100 selections, there is some real upside and talent that you could find some late 4th-6th round gems.
  • With so many talented offensive linemen it’s tough to single out a couple, but I think Matthew Bergeron, O’Cyrus Torrence, and Cody Mauch had the best weeks when they were on the field. All looked pretty dominant throughout, and Torrence should solidify a top-25 pick.
  • McClendon Curtis was probably the standout “sleeper” of the week, he more than held his own against tougher competition. He could easily be rising to that Day 2 status in the draft.

Defensive Line:

  • While it came in as a good group overall, no one really separated themselves, or stood out in the way we’ve seen in previous Senior Bowls. This is not to say these players hurt themselves or had bad weeks, its just that typically a couple defensive linemen end up really shooting up draft boards, or solidifying a top spot. That didn’t seem to happen as much this year.
  • Isaiah Foskey came in as likely the highest-projected player, and his week was just average at best. I think you can see some of the power that he has, but he didn’t win with it enough. Andre Carter II was inconsistent. You can see some nice closing speed, but he also couldn’t get off blocks as much as you’d like.
  • Adetomiwa Adebawora flashed some, and he could be a true riser from this game. D.J. Dale showed himself to be a true run stopper, but he doesn’t off much versus the pass. Tyler Lacy might have been the most complete interior defender and could be a top 100 guy.


  • Overall this group was solid, a lot of athletically talented guys who look to be 3 down players at the next level. Linebacker is typically one of the tougher positions to evaluate at the Senior Bowl, since there isn’t full tackling in practice. Since you aren’t doing as much blitzing and coverages can be limited, it can be tougher to see them showcase themselves in the game as well. Despite that I think there were a few backers who did shine this week.
  • Daiyan Henley was all over the field and showed great instincts and coverage ability in practice. He could push for a top 50 spot this year.

Defensive Backs:

  • This is one of the deepest corner classes in the last 10 years in the Draft, and that depth of the class was on display this week at the Senior Bowl. The Safety group wasn’t as strong overall, but they had some standout players as well.
  • At corner the three players that had the best overall weeks were Riley Moss, Tyrique Stevenson, and Kyu Blue Kelly. All probably helped solidify Day 2 selections and their ability to eventually be starting corners. I thought Darius Rush and Anthony Johnson were two corners who didn’t come in with as much hype, but helped themselves with really good weeks.
  • Among the safeties Chris Smith and Jammie Robinson both were as good as advertised, and are strong options to become starters early in their careers. The safety who stole the show this week had to be Sydney Brown (twin brother of Chase Brown). He came in as maybe a top 100 guy, but after an impressive week he could be rising into the 2nd round range. His coverage ability was excellent throughout the week, and he also showed good play recognition as well.

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