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Now that both the week of practice and game is in the books I wanted to give my 2020 All-Senior Bowl team. These are the players that had the best all-around week and helped themselves the most in the draft, not necessarily who will be the highest drafted players at each position. *Note I will list three receivers as both the starters and honorable mention

Quarterback: Justin Herbert, Runner-up: Jordan Love

Herbert was the clear cut top quarterback down in Mobile this week. From the weigh-in through the game he checked every box. He’s got size, athleticism, elite arm talent and pretty good accuracy/touch. The zip on his ball was really impressive, even when he was on the move. Herbert challenged a number of tight window situations throughout the practice week, and came out ahead of the curve. For a team looking for a Franchise passer who can play year 1, Herbert proved he’s ready. While he was pretty much a lock for the first round already, this likely pushed him into the top 10 conversation.

Love might be the runner-up here, but he helped himself tremendously as well. He was the number two quarterback between both teams and he was closer to number 1 than he was to the number 3 spot. Love showed off an impressive arm, and threw with more anticipation this week than you typically saw on tape. He allowed his receivers to catch the ball in stride and make plays after the catch. Love looks like a potential 1st rounder and likely 4th QB in the class.

Running back: Joshua Kelley, Runner-up: Eno Benjamin

Kelley had a solid career at UCLA, but he looked like a later day 3 pick in the draft. After this week his stock is clearly up. Kelley showed plenty of speed and quickness and picked up chunk plays in both practice and the game. What was most impressive was how well he looked as a receiver. In two years as a starter at UCLA, Kelley only managed a combined 38 catches and 260+ yards. The concern was he was only a 1-dimensional back at the next level. With how fluid he looked in his route running and passing drills, Kelley can hold his own as a receiver. I expect Kelley to push for a top 150 selection after this week.

Benjamin came in as the top rated back in this group and he showed the talent that put him there. He really had a strong week, he just couldn’t match what Kelley did on the field. I think he’s still in the mix for a late 3rd-4th round pick.

Wide Receivers: Denzel Mims, Van Jefferson, Chase Claypool, Runners-up: Michael Pittman, K.J. Hill, Collin Johnson

Probably the deepest group down here, this was the most difficult to choose. For the top three I think Mims, Jefferson, and Claypool make sense. Jefferson was the best route-runner at the Senior Bowl. His ability to create separation is something that should lock him into an NFL role. Claypool answered questions about his speed and showed off his own route-running ability, combined with his size you have a potential star receiver if he puts it all together. Mims was the best all-around receiver for me. He checked every box, and looked great throughout the week. He is another one that looks like he can be at least a number 2 receiver at the next level.

Pittman probably would have made the top 3 if he didn’t miss the last practice and the game due to injury. He was neck-and-neck with Mims as the top receiver through the first two practices. He showed more speed than I expected and caught the ball really well. Hill was similar to Jefferson as a guy who just seemed to get open at will. He’s more of an intermediate and short threat, but he will find a clear role with NFL teams. For the last WR option it was a tough call, but I think Johnson answered a lot of questions this week after an injury filled senior season that hurt his stock. Johnson now should be back in the conversation as a top 100 pick.

Offensive Line: Josh Jones, Ben Bredeson, Lloyd Cushenberry III, Logan Stenberg, Ben Bartch, Runners-up: Matt Peart, John Simpson, Matt Hennessy, Damien Lewis, Hakeem Adeniji

With a lot of late players pulling out of the Senior Bowl due to injury or other reasons, the strong offensive line group we expected didn’t materialize. There were still some positive performances, but it just wasn’t as deep as it’s been in the past. For the starters Jones and Cushenberry were the clear top two offensive linemen. They both showed why they are in the mix for the first round or early 2nd at worst. Bredeson and Stenberg were both showed upside to be starters in the NFL and were decently consistent throughout the week. Bartch started out the week really strong, and considering he was a Division III player, his performance looked great relatively. He struggled a bit in his last practice before tweaking his knee which kept him out of the game.

Peart, Simpson and Hennessy all looked really good at times and showed why they are all generally considered top 100 players (if not higher). Their consistency was a factor and while each could be a starter at the NFL level, they all need a little work. Lewis really impressed as a strong powerful guard, and his block in the Senior Bowl led to the first TD of the game. Adeniji played both tackle and guard after being primarily a tackle in college. He really impressed at guard and that might end up being his NFL future.

Tight End: Adam Trautman, Runner-up: Harrison Bryant

Trautman looks like a complete TE who has size, speed, excellent hands and can block. For a smaller-school guy, he showed he belonged. I expect his stock to begin to sky rocket, especially if he tests pretty well at the combine (as he should). He could end up the 2nd TE in the class and a top 50 pick.

Bryant had a good week as well and looks like a top 75 pick who could end up as the 3rd or 4th TE. He’s not a strong blocker, but he’s a really good route runner and can make plays after the catch.

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