Senior Bowl Day 2 South Team Practice Report

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Justin Herbert:

Herbert had another really good day and continued to show why he should be a top 10 selection. One thing I really liked seeing from him was his confidence to throw into traffic. At times in college it appeared that Herbert didn’t trust himself and wouldn’t attack tight windows. Generally it’s a risk, but with his arm talent he can thread the needle and find the opening. Herbert’s done that more this week and it’s helping to answer one of the few questions surrounding him.

Jalen Hurts:

Hurts took a step back on Day 2. While he still flashed at times, his inconsistency was even more an issue in this practice. It’s not the direction you want to see him trending, but overall it shouldn’t impact his stock too much. Hurts still has the upside to develop into a starter and has a floor as a solid number 2 option.

Running backs/Receivers:

Eno Benjamin:

Benjamin looks like the top back down in Mobile this year and has had a good start to his practice week. He runs with good vision and has a nice burst when he hits the hole. He looked good in passing drills, getting open and making people miss in the open field. Benjamin is probably looking like a 4th round pick at this stage.

Van Jefferson:

-Jefferson continued to showcase his route running ability and has had little issue getting open all week. Jefferson has really helped his stock this week as he’s shown he’s refined enough to help a team in 2020. Jefferson at least should be a top 4 round pick, and could push for higher.

Collin Johnson:

Johnson continues to show that he is healthy and back to his Junior year level of impact. He’s a big, physical target, but he’s winning with speed and quickness as well. It’s a deep receiver class so it can be tough to figure out where to slot him, but he’s got starting receiving upside.

Austin Mack:

For a guy who wasn’t on the Senior Bowl roster a week ago Mack has made quite an impression. He’s made a number of huge catches in both practices and has excelled as a route runner. While he might be a long shot to be drafted, teams should be looking at bringing him as a priority UDFA.

Offensive Line:

Ben Bartch:

Bartch continues to help his stock with a strong week of practice. He appears to be more comfortable at tackle (which makes sense), but is seeing plenty of work inside as well. Outside of guessing poorly on a couple of 1-on-1 drills, he showed great feet and technique.

Damien Lewis:

Though a lot of the focus has been on his LSU teammate, Lewis is showing why he was part of the Joe Moore Award winning (best OL in the nation) starting unit. Lewis shows really good power and he’s the type of guard who can be a back-up as a rookie and eventually develop into a starter 1-2 years down the road.

Calvin Throckmorton:

This was Throckmorton’s first practice after coming to the Senior Bowl as an injury replacement. Despite just getting to Mobile, Throckmorton handled himself really well. He’s got a good frame with long arms that allows him to control defenders. While he had a few hiccups in both 1-on-1s and Team drills, overall it was a positive day.

Defensive Line:

Josiah Coatney:

The Mississippi defensive tackle had a much better 2nd practice, and showed that he can be a threat on the interior. He bull rushed on a couple of reps and blew up the offensive lineman into the backfield.

Jabari Zuniga:

Zuniga really shined day two of practice as he was one of the better EDGE rushers on either team. He won a number of reps in 1-on-1s and looked even better in full team drills. During pass rush opportunities he displayed a good first step, that allowed him to get past the tackle on multiple occasions. Zuniga was strong versus the run as well. After the injury filled senior year he had, this has been a good showing for the former Gator.

Jonathan Greenard:

Similar to Zuniga, his Florida teammate, Greenard had a strong practice. His burst off the Edge has been impressive and he looks like a top 75 (possibly top 50) EDGE rusher. Zuniga might be the better all-around player, but Greenard is probably the better pure pass rusher.

Linebackers/Defensive Backs:

Akeem Davis-Gaither:

Davis-Gaither has been fantastic as a cover linebacker. His range has been really impressive, and his ability to man-up versus backs and tight ends is exactly what teams are looking for. Now he is undersized (under 220 lbs), but at the very least he can be a good nickel linebacker. Teams will find a way to utilize a linebacker who can play the pass like he does.

Kindle Vildor:

Vildor has been one of the more impressive corners this week on either team. He’s on the smaller size, but he doesn’t back down versus anyone. Vildor is aggressive in his press coverage and makes receivers work for every inch of separation they get from him. There is some concern about him being too physical and it leading to flags (Dane Jackson from Pittsburgh has a similar concern), but it’s probably overblown. Vildor has been making plays and has been pretty sticky in coverage.

Kyle Dugger:

Another small school player showing that he can play with anyone. Dugger has been fantastic this week in practice and is similar to Jeremy Chinn on the North Squad. Big physical safety who has range to cover. Dugger always seems to be around the ball and has answered questions about his level of competition this week.

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