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Jordan Love:

Love had another solid practice and is clearly the number 2 QB down in Mobile. His success versus higher talented opponents was something of a concern, but he’s done enough to calm those fears. There are still holes in his game, but the raw arm talent and athleticism is enough for NFL teams to work with. His accuracy hasn’t been great, but it’s also not been horrible. I’d say he’s been above average overall. Love is making a strong case to be the 4th QB taken and a 1st round pick.

Anthony Gordon:

Gordon I thought had a better day today than he did the first practice, which is what you want to see. Unfortunately his overall accuracy was still very suspect and a concern going forward. For a guy who had hoped to maybe jump into the 2nd QB tier discussion this has been a rough few days.

Wide Receivers/Tight ends:

Michael Pittman:

-It’s been a great receiver battle down in Mobile on the North squad, as a lot of guys have helped themselves. While it’s close, Pittman has probably had the best first two practices so far. Pittman has shown better top end speed than I was expecting and is one of the best receivers down here at tracking the football in the air and then positioning himself to make the catch.

Denzel Mims:

Mims added a couple more highlight reel catches on Wednesday, including a great adjustment and leaping catch on a deep route. He’s really helping himself this week as he’s shown how valuable his size and catch radius are. He’s been physical getting off press coverage and uses his body to shield defenders.

K.J. Hill:

Hill has been putting on a route running clinic this week. He’s showing easy separation and has been a nice underneath and intermediate target for the QBs in 7-on-7 and team drills. Hill might not have the upside, but his skill set should help get him on the field early at the next level, which should help his draft stock.

James Proche:

Proche didn’t catch my eye too much the first day, but I noticed him a lot more day 2. He made a number of nice catches, hauling in a few off target passes where he had to adjust to it. Not the biggest speed guy, but he finds ways to get open.

Adam Trautman:

-Quickly looking like the best TE down in Mobile and could be making a case for that title in the draft. Trautman was almost impossible to cover for opposing safeties and linebackers, as very few guys could stay with him. He’s also got strong hands and adjusts to the ball in the air, he came away with a couple contested catches today. Most other times though he was just getting open that they were easy catches (assuming the ball was on target).

Offensive linemen:

Josh Jones:

Jones hasn’t “wowed” down here, but he has looked fine and even improved from Tuesday’s practice. Jones uses his length well and his arms allow him to get to Edge rushers before they can get around him. He also does a nice job maintaining his balance in his kick slide, so that he’s ready to anchor when he meets the defender.

Matt Hennessy:

Another good day for Hennessy, he’s really looked a lot better than Nick Harris who was the more highly touted center coming into the week. Hennessy has some of the best footwork among the linemen and was able to succeed versus both speed and power rushers. On a couple reps it looked like he was going to lose, but he was able to counter and recover and keep the QB clean.

Nick Harris:

Harris had just an okay day one, but he really struggled day two. Harris came in under sized and under weight for what you typically want an NFL center, but the thought was his technique was enough to keep him as a starting caliber center and a top 75 pick. While I wouldn’t write him off from that projection solely on the Senior Bowl week, he definitely hasn’t helped his stock. He consistently struggled to maintain a block and when he got beat he got beat bad. Not only did a top talent like Gallimore give him problems, but other Day 3 caliber DL were getting the best of him.

Hakeem Adeniji:

One of the most impressive linemen today was Adeniji from Kansas. He was used primarily as a guard, and he was one of the most consistent blockers in 1-on-1 drills. He gave the top interior DL from the North team their best battles of the day. He played primarily tackle in college and wasn’t high on my radar entering this week, but now seeing the versatility and performance he’s worth a deeper look as he plays inside. He’s a perfect example of the value this week can bring to scouts.

Charlie Heck:

Not a good 2nd day for Heck. After he held his own on Day 1, Heck got a bit exposed today as he struggled versus a number of pass rushers in 1-on-1s and team drills. He was a little better versus the run, but overall this was a bad day. Heck had sloppy footwork as he tried to guess where defenders were going and he didn’t get his feet set on multiple occasions.

Defensive Linemen:

Neville Gallimore:

Was the best interior DL of the day (and that includes Kinlaw). He lost one or two reps, but overall he was wrecking havoc in the opponents backfield in 1-on-1’s, 2-on-2’s, 7-on-7 running drills and full team scrimmage. This was a great all-around day for Gallimore and he’s making a strong case to be the 3rd interior DL taken in this draft class.

Larrell Murchison:

Murchison was extremely active today and showed nice quickness off the line and a variety of pass rush moves. He doesn’t always stay low and will lose leverage at times, but it was a really solid day for him.

Bradlee Anae:

Anae came in as one of the better pass rushers in this class, but he was pretty invisible day 1. Day 2 he was a lot more active and showed why he is Utah’s all-time sacks leader. He generated a lot of pressure in both 1-on-1’s and team drills. While he has some speed and bend to threaten the Edge, he also used a variety of pass rush moves throughout the day. This was the type of performance we were expecting from Anae and why he should go in the top 3 rounds.

Kenny Willekes:

Willekes just keeps finding ways to win and impress down here. He was consistently generating pressure on passing reps. While he has some speed to threaten the edge, he was able to get inside a number of tackles today as well. Willekes has great situational awareness as well. On one running play he was engaged with the tight end and he saw the running back cutting back into his lane, so he just bull rushed the TE into the ball carrier.

Linebackers/Defensive Backs:

Malik Harrison:

Harrison has looked like the best coverage linebacker on the North squad. He’s matched up fairly well versus both TE’s and backs and he broke up a few pass plays. Harrison also looked good versus the run chasing down the ball carrier a couple times from the backside.

Evan Weaver:

Weaver is unfortunately confirming both his strengths and his weaknesses. Versus the run he’s looked great, he finds the ball carrier quickly and takes good angles in pursuit. While it’s not full tackling he is typically in great position to make a sure tackle. When it comes to pass defense though that has been another story. Weaver has really struggled to stay with backs and tight ends. While some of the concern is athleticism some of it is instincts as well. On multiple reps he was caught guessing which way a guy was going and just got way out of position.

Michael Ojemudia:

Ojemudia had a great day at cornerback for the North squad and was the toughest contest versus the impressive group of receivers on the squad. He really shined in man coverage and didn’t lose ground when they changed direction. He’s been physical enough to press the bigger receivers on the squad and quick/fast enough to run with the quick guys. He’s really helping himself this week and should see his stock rise.

Jeremy Chinn:

Chinn has been one of the more impressive safeties down here in Mobile. At 6’3″ 219 lbs, Chinn looks like a linebacker, but he’s been playing like a corner out here. His range has been incredibly impressive. Not only is he fine in coverage versus TEs, but he’s matching up versus receivers with ease. Chinn is a smaller school guy, but he’s had no issues showing he belongs here. Expect him to see a clear bump in his draft stock after this week.

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