Scouting Reports: QB Mitch Trubisky

NFL Draft Scouting Reports

2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report:


QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina

6’2”, 222 lbs.



  • Accurate quarterback, who put up big numbers this year in North Carolina’s spread offense.
  • Very athletic, mobile signal caller who can buy time in the pocket and make opponents pay with his rushing ability.
  • When under pressure, he typically does a nice job continuing to look down field to throw it.
  • Solid arm strength, capable of making any throw.
  • Despite limited starting time, he doesn’t force too many throws and is willing to live to fight another day rather than giving up a turnover.
  • Does a nice job reading the field and quickly finding the hole in the defense.
  • Though only one year as a starter, he flashes enough to suggest that he can quickly develop into a decent starting QB.



  • Only has one year of a starting quarterback, makes it tough to see a development track, and his projection more murky than you’d like to see.
  • Can rely on his mobility too much at times to get him away from the pass rush, he won’t have that luxury as much at the next level.
  • Not a great deep ball thrower, he’s passable but it won’t be a big part of his game.
  • Needs to do a better job of tightening up his accuracy when on the move, got away with some throws in college that he won’t be able to in the NFL.
  • Like a number of the top quarterbacks in this class he will have to quickly learn to work from under center, as the vast majority of drop backs were from shotgun.



Trubisky is my top quarterback in this class, but it’s by no means a runaway decision. Any of the top four quarterbacks can make a case for the top spot and all have their positives and negatives. Trubisky though has the best balance of certainty, upside, pocket presence and mobility.

While the concern that Trubisky was only a starter for one season is valid for a number of reasons, one criticism that doesn’t make sense is the knock on him for not winning the starting job sooner. This is way overblown as there are a number of quarterbacks who only end up with one or two years of starting experience.

What is a concern though about Trubisky’s lack of time starting is that it’s tougher to project him going forward. Was this season his peak or just the start and he can continue to develop. Fellow top QB prospect DeShone Kizer, struggled in his 2nd year as a starter, and it’s worth wondering if Trubisky would suffer the same fate if he had to play another season.

Overall though, those concerns while valid shouldn’t be too much of a knock on Trubisky, who really put together an impressive season this year. He has all the tools to be successful, and has the upside to be a good starter at the next level. Whether he ends up the first quarterback selected,  will depend on a lot as to which team is selecting as the race for the top QB will come down to which skill set fits that particular team.



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