2016 NFL Draft: DT Andrew Billings Scouting Report

NFL Draft Scouting Reports

DT Andrew Billings- Baylor:



  • Excellent NT/DT prospect who excels in all areas.
  • Incredible strength and power, drives offensive linemen into the backfield regularly
  • Plays with excellent leverage making it really difficult for opposing offensive linemen to slow him down.
  • Strong powerful hands that allows him to quickly shed blocks.
  • Quick off the snap and does a nice job finding the ball carrier.
  • Has a strong bull rush that allows him to get pressure/sacks in the passing game.
  • Good speed/quickness for his size, can chase down quarterbacks/ball carriers
  • Pretty much has to be double-teamed if you want to slow him down.
  • Just scratching the surface of his upside.
  • Versatile enough to play both inside and outside in a 3-4 and as a DT in a 4-3.



  • On the short side, some teams will knock him for that.
  • Still learning proper technique, might take a little time for him to reach his peak.
  • Will need to develop more pass rush moves and improve his technique.



Billings is one of the more intriguing prospects in this class. He was a converted offensive lineman, who is just starting to reach his upside. Billings also just turned 21 making him one of the youngest players in the draft, and a guy with plenty of potential for growth.

He does an incredible job controlling the middle of the defensive line on running downs, and is almost impossible to block one-on-one. He’s so strong at the point of attack and does a nice job locating the ball carrier and closing any holes in his vicinity. Billings is a little on the short side, but he uses his height to his advantage as he typically wins the leverage battle, which combined with his natural strength is a deadly combo.

Billings is still developing as a pass rusher, but he’s started to really produce in this area. He mainly relies on his bull rush to win these battles, but should be able to develop better pass rush techniques at the next level.

Overall the opinions on Billings tend to be mixed, but the upside is there for the Baylor prospect. Some teams might knock him due to his height, but he figures to go in the 15-25 range of the first round.



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