2016 NFL Draft: QB Carson Wentz

NFL Draft Scouting Reports

QB Carson Wentz– North Datoka State



  • Excellent size for a QB, coming in at 6’5” and 230lbs
  • Good athleticism, which allows him to buy time in the pocket and pick up short yardage
  • Strong, accurate arm capable of making all the throws.
  • Quick easy release that can allow him to throw an accurate ball under pressure.
  • Handles pressure fairly well, and will step up in the pocket avoiding edge rushers
  • Played with a lot of pro style concepts in college and could develop quicker than expected
  • Had a strong week of Senior Bowl practice playing vs a higher level of opponents than he saw in college.



  • Has limited college experience with just a about a year and a half of starting experience.
  • Played versus weaker competition in college and will see a big jump in level of competition at the NFL level.
  • Given the lack of starting experience and the competition level he’s faced, Wentz might need more development time than most top tier quarterbacks.
  • Needs to improve his eye discipline, has a tendency to stare down receivers which will get exploited in the NFL.
  • Needs to improve his footwork, which will at times let the ball sail on easy throws.



Wentz is one of the top quarterbacks in this class and has all the makings of a potential franchise signal caller, but he comes with a bit more risk than you would typically like. Wentz should be able to fit in any offense and can be elite if everything goes right. While he has the size and tools you want, and flashes big time upside, he’s still more projection than certainty at this point.

Unlike most quarterbacks who go in the top 10 of the draft, Wentz will almost certainly need a year to develop on the bench/limited role. Between his lack of experience and his level of competition, it could take longer for Wentz to reach his peak and there is a chance he may never get there. On the positive side though his Senior Bowl experience showed positive signs of Wentz facing stiffer competition.

Overall Wentz has probably the highest upside of any quarterback in this draft class, but teams will have to be extra patient with him. If he’s developed properly, Wentz should make some team extremely happy and he can develop into a top tier quarterback in a few years. The key question is will a team give Wentz the time necessary to develop at his own pace.



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