2016 NFL Draft: OT Laremy Tunsil

NFL Draft Scouting Reports

OT Laremy Tunsil- Mississippi:



  • Elite LT prospect who was excellent in college despite playing in a tough conference.
  • Excellent footwork and technique, rarely takes a false step or sets too high.
  • Seals the edge from speed rushers.
  • Good initial punch to help keep rushers off balance.
  • Fantastic pass blocker, should quickly be able to stonewall even the best edge rushers in the NFL.
  • Good anchor versus the power rush, and will mirror defenders with ease.
  • Excels on the move in the screen game or getting to the second level in the run game. He has the agility to cut off linebackers and defensive backs on the move.
  • Stays with the play and will run down the field to make a block.
  • Does a nice job picking up delayed blitzes
  • Perfect pairing of certainty and elite upside.



  • Is not a natural power run blocker, will excel more in a zone scheme.
  • Has had a few injuries in his career, though nothing that is too troubling.



Tunsil is pretty much the perfect prospect as he has very little risk, he should be able to play at a high level even as a rookie, and he possesses elite upside. That is exactly the make up of a prospect that teams at the top of the draft desire and Tunsil should be taken in the top 5 picks (and likely 1st overall).

Tunsil checks every box you are looking for in an offensive tackle. His footwork and technique are already extremely advanced and he’s got a great understanding of the position. He does a nice job anticipating blitzers and the best way to neutralize a defender. His hand punch is strong and will stop defenders in their tracks. When a defender does win initially, Tunsil does a nice job recovering and stop/slow the opponent.

The only real knock on him is he’s not a great power run blocker, but really that is something that can be fixable. With a couple years in an NFL weight room, he should get stronger and better job run blocking. It’s not even a real weakness now, it’s just the weakest part of his game.

Overall Tunsil is one of the few elite prospects in this draft class and he should quickly develop into a top level pro. He will be a key cog in an offensive line, and he should make everyone better around him.



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