Top 20 WRs w/ Scouting Blurbs

NFL Draft

1. Amari Cooper, Alabama

Smooth athlete with both quickness and deep speed. Good route runner with footwork and cutting ability to gain separation. Has run a full route tree. Displays the ability to beat CBs deep or short. Good leaping ability and fights for contested passes. Very young with room to grow. Will use body often to secure catches which can lead to easy drops. Not a dominating physical presence. Can struggle with press coverage. Has potential to grow into an elite WR.

2. Kevin White, West Virginia

Big, physical athlete. Does well getting off jams at the line of scrimmage. Excellent athlete with deep ball potential. Great leaper who excels at jump balls. Big, soft hands. Great catch radius and body control. Can catch passes all around him. Does not get much separation. Can become lackadaisical in routes if passes aren’t going his way. Has the size and athletic ability to be an elite WR with development.

3. Devante Parker, Louisville

Very productive when on the field. Good size and speed combination. Has wheels to beat CBs deep but better in short to intermediate area. Reliable hands catcher. Large catch radius. Makes the tough catches. Gets off the line quickly. Sloppy route runner. Gets contained by physical press CBs. Dealt with broken foot this year and had surgery on it. Very good player who could be a #1 NFL WR in the pros.

4. Devin Funchess, Michigan

TE/WR hybrid player. Good route runner with deceptive quickness to gain separation. Physical mismatch who is too big for CBs to cover and too athletic for LBs to cover. Has played in the slot and outside. Smooth athlete who gets physical at the line of scrimmage. Not a reliable pass catcher who drops as much as he catches. Doesn’t have great top end speed. Not much of a vertical threat. Doesn’t block and may not have a true NFL position. Upside player with big downside as well.

5. Nelson Agholor, USC

Quick twitch athlete who gets to maximum speed very quickly. Excels underneath at turning short passes into big plays. Ideal slot WR who has experience outside. Makes sharp cuts and is a fairly reliable hands catcher. Thin and can get knocked around. Doesn’t break many tackles. Timed speed is better than on field speed. Top slot WR in the draft who could have a ton of catches in the right system.

6. Devin Smith, Ohio State

Deep threat who excels at taking the top off of coverage. Danger if he gets off the line cleanly. Top notch ball tracking skills. Solid body control to make tough catches. Can turn short yardage plays into big plays. Hands are inconsistent and will often drop the easy catches. Is easily jammed at the line of scrimmage. Might be more of a niche deep threat than complete WR. Upside player who needs to develop a complete game.

7. Sammie Coates, Auburn

Big frame with great top end speed. An athletic marvel who can get behind a defense as a deep threat. Good leaping ability, especially in the red zone. Can be a real mismatch on the outside. Tries to catch with his body often. Has trouble with difficult catches and will give up on plays quickly. Doesn’t fight for contested balls or get physical. Plenty of athletic upside to be a starter in the NFL.

8. Breshad Perriman, UCF

World class size/speed combination. Gets off the line quickly and to top speed fast. Often catches CBs flat footed and beats them deep. Good footwork when cutting inside and can gain separation easily. Long wingspan and very good body control. Struggles with more intricate routes, especially against bigger defenders. If jammed at the line, he can lose focus. Doesn’t always high point the football or fight for contested balls. Hands are inconsistent and uses his body to catch often. Lacks fundamentals. Upside to be an elite WR but also has the downside to not see the field.

9. Jaelen Strong, Arizona State

Big, strong hands catcher with great timed speed for his size. Has experience in the slot and on the outside. Beats press coverage well. High points the football. Excellent red zone threat. Does not play as fast as his timed speed. Struggles to get separation. Route running is questionable with a lot of wasted movement. Is not very quick. Has the physical traits of a starting NFL WR but likely overrated in how dominant he can be.

10. Phillip Dorsett, Miami (FL)

Speed threat who will take the top off of a defense. Great initial burst off the line and tough to catch if he hits top speed. Has experience outside and in the slot. Feisty and will come back and attack the ball if pass is off the mark. Does not have much route tree experience and often will bring the ball into his body. May be one dimensional. Has had knee issues in past. Big play threat who may be a role player (albeit a dangerous one,) in the NFL.

11. Dorial Green-Beckham, Missouri

Top high school player with tons of physical potential. Huge size, speed, and quickness combination. Smooth athlete who creates separation with athletic ability. Can box out and use his size to his advantage. Excellent body control to make difficult catches. Is pressed easily and struggles to regain top speed when corners play him close. Separation is inconsistent from game to game. Poor route runner who doesn’t have a good hold of the route tree. Major off field concerns from drugs to crime to violence. Suspended twice. Great athlete who is an inconsistent player with off field issues. Overrated.

12. Tyler Lockett, Kansas State

Ideal slot WR who is very fast and quick. Gets in and out of breaks extremely fast and maintains top speed through catches. Quick twitch. Has plenty of route tree experience, especially from the slot. Excellent returner too. Body catches too much and can drop passes. Will get knocked off of routes often. Needs to get stronger. Ideal slot WR who may have potential for more if he develops off the line.

13. Justin Hardy, ECU

Reliable hands catcher who profiles as an inside possession WR. Stronger upper body and handles press coverage well. Smooth athlete with a very good head fake. Top notch run blocker. Extremely productive. Not big or fast. Route running is questionable with a limited route tree. Limited ceiling. Will be an NFL contributor whose strength and mental game have to make up for physical limitations.

14. Rashad Greene, Florida State

Very productive in an explosive offense. Hands catcher who improved as a senior. Plays outside or inside. Explosive off of the line of scrimmage and in and out of breaks. Deceptively quick in the open field. Goes full out on every play. Is often jammed at the line. Does not fight for contested balls. Not much of a vertical threat. Does not high point footballs well. May not be a statistical marvel in the NFL, but a solid contributor to pick up sure yardage.

15. Chris Conley, Georgia

World class size and speed combination. Big, long, smooth athlete who excels going down the field for big plays. Catches the ball away from his body. Does well at planting and cutting. Runs some routes much better than others. Can lose focus through the catch and drop balls despite good technique. Not overly explosive off of the line. Takes time to get to top speed. Huge upside player who has some dominant plays and some real bad plays.

16. Darren Waller, Georgia Tech

Great size and speed combination. Boxes out with his size and is a red zone threat. Dominant blocker but can get overzealous. Very good body control. Could play TE. Limited route tree and raw on cuts and fundamentals of the position. Doesn’t always extend his arms and will use his body to catch. A lot of NFL potential but limited experience.

17. DeAndre Smelter, Georgia Tech

Huge hands and wingspan to make all the catches. Physical with contested catches and a good red zone threat. Has good footwork in and out of breaks. Vertical leaper who high points well. Dominant run blocker. Not a top athlete. Limited route tree. Inconsistent hands Tore ACL in December. Has a ton of potential but has injury and experience issues.

18. Stefon Diggs, Maryland

Top high school recruit who is very athletic. Gets in and out of breaks quickly. Can also be a deep threat. Great with double moves and using his body to fool defenders. Major threat after the catch with good quickness. Does not do well against top defenders. Doesn’t go after contested passes and needs space to work with. Often lacks focus and catches the ball with his body. Has had multiple injuries. Overrated player whose press clippings make him seem better than he is.

19. Ty Montgomery, Stanford

Better athlete than football player. Big and strong with powerful hands and leg drive. Runs some routes very well and gets separation when there is contact. Beats the press often. Great shiftiness after the catch. Excellent run blocker. Unreliable hands both in drops and fumbles. Limited ball tracking ability. Poor body control and won’t make the tough catches. Not very fluid. Big time athlete without he fundamentals to be an NFL starter.

20. Dezmin Lewis, Central Arkansas

Great size and uses it effectively. Very good leaping ability. High points the football near flawlessly. Wide catch radius and makes tough catches. Good ball tracking skills. Not enough versatility on tape. Used size as his way to win his whole career. Limited route tree. Doesn’t add much after the catch. Has size, speed, and quickness to develop into an NFL starter but is still a raw player.

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