Top 10 QBs w/ Scouting Blurbs

NFL Draft

Quarterback Rankings

1. Jameis Winston, Florida State
Big, strong athlete with good arm and extremely high football IQ. Has excellent ball placement ability and one of the best at reading a defense pre and post snap. Fundamentals are often sloppy, taking wasted steps with a longer release. Can force passes while under pressure and often trusts his arm too much, leading to interceptions. Has maturity concerns off the field but is a polished product on the field.

2. Marcus Mariota, Oregon
Consummate professional on and off the field. Natural leader with big time athletic ability who can be a threat to take off and run. Provides good zip on short and intermediate passes and is pretty accurate in placing the ball where his receivers can stay in stride on underneath routes. Struggles with ball placement outside the hash marks and most plays very scripted in how he reads the defense. Has work to do mentally, but has the intangible and physical makeup to be a franchise QB.

3. Brett Hundley, UCLA
More athlete than QB. Can get the ball down the field on deeper routes with power. Poor fundamentals, often lacks planting his foot to drive his passes and will throw off of his back leg. Ball placement is often variable and can lead to heavy inconsistency. A lot of potential but very little results.

4. Garrett Grayson, Colorado State
Good arm and accuracy but doesn’t shine in one specific area. Throws the ball deep often with accuracy but struggles under pressure with short to intermediate routes. Good pocket awareness Doesn’t go through progressions often and may have a learning curve in the NFL. Likely a back-up.

5. Sean Mannion, Oregon State
Big armed QB who needs a lot of fundamental work. Doesn’t throw the most catchable ball and can try to force passes into coverage. Has experience in pro style system going through progressions. Often does not line up footwork with release and can create wobbly passes and inaccurate ones. Immobile. Back-up with some potential as a spot starter.

6. Bryce Petty, Baylor
Throws passes with good zip but rarely with great ball placement. Will force WRs to make adjustments and lose speed on easy catch/passes. Good intangibles with good leadership qualities. Can throw the ball deep with fair accuracy. Does not make reads and does not do well under pressure. Likely to be overdrafted.

7. Shane Carden, ECU
Below average arm with a gun slinger mentality. Makes passes outside and inside the hash marks but is inconsistent in his accuracy and decision making. Limited ceiling. Career back-up.

8. Anthony Boone, Duke
Shorter than prototypical QB. Plenty of toughness and production but is limited physically. Average arm and average accuracy. Reads defenses well and has progression experience. Tough in the pocket. Developmental 3rd QB.

9. Cody Fajardo, Nevada
Very athletic with good arm strength. Major running threat who does not have a lot of experience reading coverages or making tight passes. Throws off back foot but has the physical tools to make up for the lack of fundamentals. Ton of experience. Threat in zone style read option scheme but 3rd QB outside of that.

10. Blake Sims, Alabama
Shorter and smaller than prototypical QB. Played well in big games using his arm and his legs. Has played in a pro style system with NFL progressions. Slow release. Limited in fundamentals and arm strength. Locks onto his targets way too often. 3rd QB who could be in line for a position change.

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