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By Adam Frazier

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Position: S
Height: 6’ 2” Weight: 213
Class: RS Junior

Gerod Holliman is considered a “ball hawk” which is a premiere trait in today’s NFL. Through film we are going to look for three things. First, the obvious, can he cover. Two, can he fill and tackle, get off blocks etc. And three, let’s see if he takes the appropriate angles to the ball whether it is in coverage or whether its tracking a ball carrier down.

Great route recognition, great break, great play

This is where Holliman excels. He sees a player cross his face and he jumps the route. His coverage skills really can be elite.

Great understanding of route concepts. Runs the route for the WR and makes an easy pick.

One of the few tackles I’ve seen the kid make. So you are saying there’s a chance.

Good angle of pursuit.

Here is a play that disturbs me. He peaks in the backfield and gets burnt, and on top of that after the TE makes the catch Holliman has the chance to make the tackle and he clearly lets up, assuming the corner will make the play.

– Here’s the tackling, or lack thereof that you will here come out from the scouts as the evaluation process on these prospects goes on. It isn’t that he just misses tackles, at time it looks like he doesn’t even care to try.

No words…

I think it is safe to say that Holliman is a true centerfielder. He has a knack for making the big play as far as interceptions go.  I think he looks into the backfield a little to much.  I don’t think he’s a physical player and he is small in stature.  He clearly needs to learn to fill, get off blocks and tackle better.  It will be interesting to see how many of the draft evaluators pick him apart these next couple months.

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