2014 Senior Bowl Interviews – DT Will Sutton

2014 Senior Bowl NFL Draft

This interview was conducted with Will Sutton (DT), Arizona State at the 2014 Senior Bowl (practice).


On what position he would prefer to play at the next level               willsutton

I really love the 3-tech.  I really love the 4-3 defense and shooting that B gap and getting the one-on-one situation in that small space – you know, the “phone booth” is where I’m pretty good at. But if teams want me to play end in a 3-4, then I’ll do whatever they want me to. If they want me to gain weight, lose weight, get to an ideal weight to play there, then I’ll play there.


On what we are going to see on Sundays from him

You’re going to see a guy with great character, I’ll tell you that. A real good knowledge of the game.  Someone who is explosive. May not be making the play every time, but is going to make an impact somehow.


On who is the one Arizona State teammate he would take with him to the NFL if he had the choice to do that

Man, that’s tough! I can’t even say that. There’s so many great players – like Carl Bradford who decided to declare for the NFL. Me and him last year were the top sack leaders in the nation. Chris Young, who’s at linebacker – he makes me right. I make a move and he feeds off me. I’ll even take an offensive player. Marion Grice is just a versatile player. I’m sad he couldn’t be here this week. I could take a bunch of guys. Alden Darby – he played in the Shrine Game and had two picks in the Shrine Game.  Osahon Irabor at corner. Robert Nelson at corner – he had 8 picks this year I want to say. We just had a bunch of talent this year.


On what he’s going to miss most about his time as a Sun Devil

My teammates. That’s the big thing. We have a bond, a special bond. Our coaches installed that it’s about relationships. That’s how teams get good. I see the Florida State guys and I see how they’re all close. That’s what it takes to win Championships. That’s what I’ll miss the most.


On his thoughts about what makes him such a great pass rusher

My thing is to just invade and get in the O-lineman’s space. Make him uncomfortable. I’ve got good hand-eye coordination so my thing is to just get his hands off me as fast as I could and try to make a play.


On how his interview process has gone at the Senior Bowl and specifically if he had talked to the Bears

Yes, I have talked to them (Bears). It was just a regular, informal interview to get to know me. A couple of teams have come up to me. Dallas and the Bears are a couple of teams that I have been watching throughout the season and I know they need D-linemen. I’m just trying to make an impression. They ask just simple questions – you know, like “How’s my life at home” – things of that nature.


On both the Bears and Cowboys being 4-3 teams and if that is the type of defense where he will fit in the best

Yes, I think so. The 3-tech, you know, B-gap and go.


On the fact that NFL teams seem to be going away from the 4-3 more and more and whether being a good 3-tech is becoming a lost art

You know, I don’t know. Usually, a 3-tech is one of the most athletic guys on the line, so there are a bunch of 3-tech guys who could play the end, or could go play the nose. So, it’s just a matter if teams want to use a guy as a 3-tech or use them somewhere else.


On whether he is happy that he decided to go back to school last year for his senior year and what the debate was like with his family and friends about doing that

It’s tough. It’s like deciding what college to go to, what agent to pick. There’s some decisions in life that are tough and I think I made the right decision. I don’t look back and regret it at all.


On whether he felt that he was able to grow and find things to work on last season considering the fact that he had a dominant season the year before

Yeah, it was hard.  I had to get used to playing at a heavier weight.  And I knew that it was going to be a challenge all season because offenses were going to start scheming for me. I’ve been under the limelight in past years, playing with guys like Vontaze Burfict and guys in that area.

I finally got the appreciation that I kinda deserved. It was a matter of me taking it upon myself to where I just need to get better, even if it’s just my strength, I needed to make it better.


On the fact that his weight went up from 280 lbs. in his junior to 320 lbs. now and how he did that while still keeping his agility

You gotta workout. You just can’t eat and sit around. You have to get your body used to it. You gotta go out there and run, lift, go hit the sled and just work on your football in a different way.


On what two things he believes he will bring to an NFL team

Somebody who is mentally tough, smart, you know, take an extra hour or two to get in the film room and study the opponent and show a great knowledge of the game.


On what he wants to show to NFL scouts during Senior Bowl week that they may not yet know about him

You know, they pretty much know a lot right now. What they are pretty much looking for is if I still have my quickness and my first step and that’s what I need to showcase.


On what was the toughest competition he faced from another team that may have helped make him a better player

It was just every game, every team. So I had to come in with the mindset that I know they are going to come after me. So I had to do everything in my power to have the right technique, to have the right leverage to go out there and do everything that I’m coached to do to be successful.


On what was the best piece of advice  he got from the Arizona State coaching staff as he was about to enter this draft process

Just to work hard. Be somebody who is not looked at as somebody who slacks off. Be somebody who works hard, has good character, has a good attitude and has a good head on their shoulders.


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